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Group business management and global expansion


Restructuring of the Fine Chemicals Group (into six divisions).
Completed "Asunaro House," an accommodation facility for families and caregivers of seriously ill children undergoing treatment.


Capital investment in Indet Safety Systems a.s. in Czech Republic.
Established NS Color Techno Co., Ltd.


Spun-off the Tokyo plant and the Fukuyama plant as Nippon Kayaku Tokyo Co., Ltd. and Nippon Kayaku Fukuyama Co., Ltd.
Established LifeSpark Inc. in the USA.


Established the Fine Chemicals Division, moving to a new structure with three group.


Established Kayaku Chemical (Wuxi) Co., Ltd. in China.


Polatechno established Wuxi Polatechno Optics Co., Ltd. in China.


Polatchno invested in Moxtek Inc. in the USA.
Company-wide restructuring. Established the three operational divisions—Functional Chemicals Group, Pharmaceuticals Group, and Fine Chemicals Group—and the three corporate divisions—Strategic Corporate Planning Group, Administration Group, and Technical Operations Group.


Launched the Research and Development Group.


Opening of the Integrated Research Laboratories.
Established Nippon Kayaku CZ,s.r.o. in the Czech Republic.
Polatechno Co., Ltd. listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange.
Established E-Materials Co., Ltd. in the Republic of Korea.
Naigai Nikka acquired NS Color Techno Co., Ltd. and changed its business name to Nikka Fine Techno Co., Ltd.


Established the Safety Systems Group, commencing a four-division structure.
Hokuyo Chemicals Co., Ltd. changed business name to Kayaku Japan Co., Ltd.


Kayatech Co., Ltd., Kayaku Japan Co., Ltd., ASAHI KASEI CHEMICALS CORPORATION, and its subsidiary ASAHI KASEI GEOTECHNOLOGIES Co., Ltd. merged their industrial explosives divisions, the result of which was inherited by Kayaku Japan Co., Ltd.
Acquired MicroChem Corp. in the USA.


Established Kayaku Safety Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia


The Relocation of the Head Office

Business restructuring and testing new waters

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