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Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct

The Nippon Kayaku Group believes that good compliance encompasses not only laws, regulations, and internal rules, but also corporate ethics. Nippon Kayaku established the Nippon Kayaku Action Charter and Nippon Kayaku Action Standards, which are the criteria for the former, as the guidelines that all of its employees should work in compliance with.

Nippon Kayaku Group Charter of Conduct

Business operation

  1. The Nippon Kayaku Group will pay careful attention to the safety and reliability of its products and services, and provide customers with products and services satisfying their needs.
  2. The Nippon Kayaku Group will comply with the words and spirit of relevant laws and regulations, as well as with its internal rules, to conduct fair, transparent and open competition.
  3. In conducting overseas business operations, the Nippon Kayaku Group will comply with relevant laws and regulations in Japan and abroad, and respect the culture and customs of each country and region.
  4. The Nippon Kayaku Group will appropriately manage and utilize the company assets and seek to improve the efficiency of business operations, so as to achieve a continuous growth.
  5. The Nippon Kayaku Group will deal firmly with anti-social forces, and will not yield to unjustified or illegal requests.

Relationship with the society

  1. The Nippon Kayaku Group will promote coordination and cooperation with society and contribute to the society as a good corporate citizen.
  2. The Nippon Kayaku Group will disclose information concerning on its business operations to customers, local society, employees and business partners, based on objective facts, in an adequate and timely manner.
  3. The Nippon Kayaku Group will always give consideration to the impact of its business on the global environment. The Group will aim to achieve environmentally friendly business operation, by not only by compliance with relevant laws and regulations, but also by establishing voluntary standards.

Management of business information

  1. The Nippon Kayaku Group will adequately protect any information obtained through its business operations and develop countermeasures safe-guarding against information leakages and unauthorized external and internal access.
  2. The Nippon Kayaku Group will acknowledge the proprietary nature of information (Intellectual Property) and respect the rights of others.

Relationship between the company and individuals

  1. The Nippon Kayaku Group will comply with labor laws and regulations to ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, and will also respect the fundamental human rights and privacy of the individuals.

Nippon Kayaku Group Code of Conduct

In order to abide by the Nippon Kayaku Group Action Charter, we have established the following Nippon Kayaku Group Code of Conduct that all of our executives and employees act in accordance with.

Code of Conduct on business operations

1.Product safety and quality

Based on the customer needs and scientific data, we endeavor to ensure and improve the safety of our products, and assume responsibility for the product quality.

2.Provision of product information

We actively and appropriately provide relevant information that enables the customers and business partners to use and handle our products properly.

3.Fair and impartial trade

We comply with relevant laws and regulations and conduct fair and impartial business transactions with every customer and business partner.

4.Prohibition of excessive gifts and entertainment

When offering gifts and/or entertainment related to business transactions, we comply with relevant laws and regulations and act moderately in accordance with sound business practices and social convention.

5.Priority on ethics

We put utmost priority on ethics in every aspect of our business operations.

6.Prohibition of pursuit of individual benefits

We will not pursue individual benefits leveraging our advantageous position in the business.

7.Compliance with local laws and regulations and respect for international norms, cultures and customs

When conducting business overseas, we comply with relevant local laws and regulations and respect international norms, cultures and customs.

8.Adequate protection and efficient utilization of corporate assets

We appropriately protect the corporate assets, including intellectual property and make effective and efficient use of such assets, so as to increase the enterprise value.

9.Active efforts for operational improvement

We maintain a keen sense of responsibility for our business, make continuous efforts for self-development and self-improvement, and strive to improve the operations for which each of us has responsibility.

10.Exclusion of anti-social forces, criminal and/or other illegitimate sources

If we receive demands for payoffs, etc. from anti-social forces, criminal and/or other illegitimate sources, we coordinate with relevant divisions and deal with them with a resolute attitude, so as not to yield to their demands.

Code of Conduct on the relationship with society

11.Social action programs

We make efforts to contribute to society through participation and support for volunteer activities and social welfare activities.

12.Exchange with local societies

As a member of local society, we make efforts to actively try to participate in local associations and events to enhance the relationship with the local community.

13.Adequate and timely disclosure of information

In accordance with the internal rules, we proactively disclose business information, such as management policy and financial figures, to shareholders, investors, employees and business partners.

14.Thorough crisis management

We firmly commit ourselves to conducting safe operations.
In case of accidents and disasters, we observe the established rules and when needed, put rapid response teams into operation, provide and report information to interested parties, and take other necessary measures.

15.Prohibition of insider trading

We will not buy or sell securities, such as stocks, using undisclosed information of our company or other companies.

16.Environmental Coexistence

In order to maintain a prosperous and societal harmony with nature, we assess impact of our business on the environment, and make active efforts to minimize and/or prevent greenhouse emissions, while strive to develop new technology.

17.Environmental protection efforts

To preserve the environment, we comply with relevant laws and regulations, agreements, and internal rules. We work for the environmental preservation at every stage of our business operation.

Code of Conduct for the management of business information

18.Protection of business information

We manage and protect both tangible and intangible Company information in accordance with the internal rules. We also comply with these internal rules for disclosing such information.

19.Protection of personal information

We obtain personal information through appropriate procedures, we comply with all rules for using such information, such as the Personal Information Protection Law, as well as other relevant internal rules.

20.Appropriate use of information system

We make appropriate and effective use of the company PC internal information system, and company PC network, and will not use them for unjustifiable or illegal purposes.

21.Respect for the rights of other people

We acknowledge the proprietary nature of information and respect for intellectual property rights of others. We will not obtain or use information by unjustified or illegal means.

Code of Conduct on the relationship between the company and individuals

22.Maintenance of the working environment

We comply with laws and regulations on labor and labor safety and sanitation, labor contracts, internal rules to ensure a safe, clean, comfortable work environment. Also, we promote positive, active, creative and efficient operations and encourage the right work-life balance.

23.Prohibition of harassment and abuse of power

We will not permit harassment, such as sexual harassment, that may disturb the healthy working environment.

24.Respect for human rights and privacy

We respect the international norms on human rights and fully support all initiatives promoting individual human rights and privacy. Also, we respect individual rights and indignity, and do not unjustly discriminate against anyone by sex, age, nationality, race or religion in every business activity.

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