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We have been expanding business areas to the light-controlled business that also targets infrared rays to ultraviolet rays and even X-rays in addition to visible light in our Polatechno business. We now manufacture and sell polarizers for liquid crystal displays, retardation films, polarizer for projectors, components for X-ray analyzers and other precision processed products. We are aiming to contribute to society to meet the changing needs of the market and customers speedily and accurately.

Product information

Organic Polarizers

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Product Product feature Usage
GHC series Highly durable and high contrast polarizer for automotive displays
  • High durability for automotive displays
  • High transmittance and contrast ratio
  • Achieving optical properties required for TFT LCDs
  • LCD for automotive
  • HUD
  • Industrial monitor/meter
  • Display under severe conditions
Optical films for HUD (SGF series, etc.) High reliable films required for head-up display (HUD)
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature, high humidity or high power light exposure)
  • High transmittance and high contrast ratio
  • Dust cover over HUD system (Sun-Guard Film)
  • LCD for HUD
  • Optical films for a driver who wears polarized sunglasses
GSR series High durable and low shrinkage polarizer
  • Dimensionally stable (Low shrinkage)
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature, high humidity or high power light exposure)
  • High transmittance and high contrast ratio
  • LCD for automotive
  • HUD
  • Industrial monitor/meter
  • OLED
Polarizer for sunglasses and lens (Polarizer applicable for bending process) Polarizer robust against bending process
  • Various colors available
  • Applicable for bending process
  • Combined with polycarbonate film or polyamide film available
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or high humidity)
  • Combined with mirror function available
    (Also, various reflective colors available)
  • Polarized sunglasses
  • Convex surface lens
  • HMD
CRP series High durable polarizer with over 50% transmittance
  • Over 50% transmittance
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or high humidity)
  • Mirror display
  • Sun visor for automotive
  • Pre-Polarizer
ACE series Polarizer that suppresses the yellow-green hue in parallel, which is an issue with conventional polarizer
  • Provide with almost the same transmittance at each wavelength in both parallel and crossed
  • Achromatic hue for both in parallel and crossed
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or under sunlight)
  • Reflective/Transflective LCD
  • Camera filter
  • Outdoor digital signage
  • Industrial monitor
  • OLED
SGF series for Automotive Camera Polarizer for Automotive Camera
  • Stand-alone and can be cut to any size (no need to laminate on glass substrate)
  • High transmittance
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature)
  • Bendable and robust more than glass
  • Lighter weight than glass
  • Automotive camera
  • Sensor
  • Noise cut of reflected light
  • Machine vision
SHC-YL series Highly durable polarizer for near ultraviolet and blue region
  • Polarizer for near ultraviolet and blue light sources
  • High light resistance
  • High transmittance
  • High contrast
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or high humidity)
  • 3D printer
  • UV and blue region sensor
  • Inspection device
  • Medical device
NKIR series Polarizer for near infrared region
  • Polarizer from 800nm to 1000nm
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or high humidity)
  • Absorption type (No stray light)
  • Adding functional layers (HC, anti-reflection layer, circular polarization)
  • Near infrared monitor
  • Sensor
  • Camera
  • LiDAR
  • Infrared noise reduction
  • Driver monitor
Polarized light emitting film Highly transparent film that emits polarized light by exposure of UV light
  • Film that emits polarized light by exposure of light such as UV light
  • Various emission color available
  • High transmittance
  • Display
  • Sensor
  • Amusement
  • New design
Conversion of polarizer, retarder and so on Film conversions such as cutting and lamination
  • Lamination of polarizers and retarders
  • Adding functional layers
    (HC, AG, AR, adhesive, etc.)
  • Chip cut
  • Lamination on glass or plastic plate
  • Please contact us if you have any inquiries for conversion of films.
  • We're offering services of film conversions in addition to selling functional films such as retarders, functional layer, etc.


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Product Product feature Usage
WA series Film type retarder
  • Broadband quarter wave plate (QWP)
    (Having negative dispersion)
  • Broadband half wave plate (HWP)
    (having negative dispersion)
  • De-polarizer
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or high humidity)
  • Automotive display
  • Reflective LCD
  • Transflective LCD
  • Circular polarizer
  • Polarization angle conversion
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Depolarization
Liquid crystal type retarder Retarder made by coating liquid crystal
  • Various aligned retarder
    ・A-plate (QWP, HWP)
    ・Positive C-plate
    ・Negative C-plate
    ・Hybrid type (O-plate)
  • High reliability
    (Under severe conditions such as high temperature or high humidity)
  • VA mode LCD
  • IPS mode LCD
  • ECB mode LCD
  • Automotive displays
  • Reflective LCD/Transflective LCD
  • Circular polarizer
  • LCOS
High precision coating toll-manufacturing High precision coating toll-manufacturing such as liquid crystal
  • Uniformly controlled retardation values
  • Alignment axis control
  • Prototype trial to mass production
Please contact us if you have any inquiries.

Inorganic polarizer and NanoStructure optical elements

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Product Product feature Usage
ProFlux™ Inorganic polarizer
  • High heat resistance over 200℃
  • Reflective type inorganic polarizer
  • Absorption type inorganic polarizer
  • Polarizing beam splitter
  • Polarizer for ultraviolet region
  • Polarizer for infrared region
  • LCD projector
  • Polarizer for photo alignment equipment
  • HMD
  • Sensor
  • Inspection device
Metalens Flat lens with nano structure on surface
  • Flat design but having lens features
  • Superior optical properties (high transmittance, etc.)
  • Protective layer on Nanostructure is available
  • Smartphone
  • Camera
  • DOE
  • HOE
  • Optical devices for communication
NanoStructure Foundry We're offering Fab Services for manufacturing Metalens/
Nanostructures as a support of mass production.
  • Manufacturing Nanostructure
  • Conversion into specific size
  • Protective layer on Nanostructure
Please contact us if you have any inquiry for Metalens/Nanostructure.

Group company information

Our core technology

Organic Polarizers


  • Nippon Kayaku have realized unique dye-stuff polarizer with high durable and excellent optical properties by development of various dichroic dyes.
  • They have high durability under severe conditions such as high temperature and high luminance light. Therefore, they are suitable for automotive and outdoor applications.
  • We also manufacture iodine-type polarizer with excellent optical characteristics.
Dye-type polarizer

Dye-type polarizer

Iodine-type polarizer

Iodine-type polarizer

Bare polarizer for sunglasses

Bare polarizer for sunglasses

Circular and elliptical polarizer

Circular and elliptical polarizer

Functions of Polarizer

In general, light (natural light) has the property of waves that vibrate in random directions. A polarizer is deemed as a kind of filter that has the function to pass the light that vibrates in a specific direction, not light that vibrates in random directions.
 As shown in the figure as follows, suppose that a polarizer is a fine filter that has lattices arranged in one specific direction. Light that has parallel to light transmittance axis can pass through the lattices, but light in another direction (light absorption axis) doesn't pass through. Thus, light can be set to one direction by passing through the filter (polarizer).

There are three important optical properties in polarizer: transmittance, polarization efficiency and hue. The theoretical limit value of polarization efficiency in polarizer is 100% at 50% transmittance. By realizing the performance of the polarizer closer to the theoretical limit value, the polarizer achieves high performance display such as LCDs with high brightness and high contrast ratio.

Structure of Polarizer

Polarizer is made by dyeing a film, usually polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), with a dichroic dye, and then stretching the film to orient the dichroic dye within the film.

Polarizer is a film with polarizing properties in which dichroic dyes are oriented and absorb light vibrating in the direction, allowing another direction light in a certain vibration direction to pass through.
 In general, in order to improve mechanical properties, polarizer is supported by films such as TAC films and additional protective films.

Various fuctions are added on polarizer. In addition to polarizing properties, polarizer is required to have functions such as anti-reflection, anti-scratch and suppression of light leakage under high temperature. Additionally, some types of LCD, touch panel and OLED require polarizer combined with retarders. We will provide with polarizers that meet customer's requirements.

Inorganic Polarizers ProFlux™


To maintain bright and clear image display of LCD projectors, our high durable polarizers are essential in order to perform and maintain superior functions for many hours under high temperature conditions. The inorganic polarizer, ProFlux™, fully meets the demands for severe durability that are increasing year by year.
 Made by forming an aluminum film on a glass wafer with fine slits, the ProFlux™ provides required polarizer performance. This gives ProFlux™ the durability and light fastness far exceeding those of organic polarizers.
 Not only can it polarize visible light but also infrared and ultraviolet light. By having excellent characteristics, its applications are expanding to various industry device for medical device, biometrics, light exposure device, inspection, etc.

ProFlux wafers

ProFlux™ wafers

SEM pictures of ProFlux inorganic polarizer

SEM pictures of ProFlux™ inorganic polarizer

ProFlux™ inorganic polarizer is available with two types, reflective type (left) and absorption type (right) according to applications.

Optical Characteristics of ProFlux™ in infrared and ultraviolet region

Our ProFlux™ shows polarizer functions even in infrared and ultraviolet region.

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