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Sustainable Procurement

The Nippon Kayaku Group has formulated its Basic Procurement Principles and Basic Procurement Policy so that its purchasing activities will be consistent with sustainable management. We will work for the creation of a sustainable society in cooperation with all our suppliers.

Basic Procurement Principles

In order to realize the KAYAKU spirit, Nippon Kayaku Group will pursue mutual and sustainable growth with suppliers based on the understanding they are important business partners who help us produce products of the best quality. We will strive to conduct procurement transactions that are fair, honest, impartial, and in accordance with relevant laws, social norms, and our Basic Procurement Policies.

Basic Procurement Policies

At Nippon Kayaku Group, all procurement operations will be carried out in accordance with the Basic Procurement Policies as set out below.

Compliance with Relevant Laws, Social Norms, and the Nippon Kayaku Group Charter of Conduct

Open-door Policy, Fairness, Impartiality, and Transparency in Business Transactions

Partnerships with our business partners

Protection of Information

Concern for the Environment

Basic Criteria for Selecting Suppliers

Sustainable Procurement Guidebook

Sustainable Procurement Guidebook

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