Topics on Research and Development


Development of Safety Devices for Flying Cars to Contribute to Future Mobility

We began development of safety devices for flying cars as a corporate research theme* in January 2022. This is an R&D theme that utilizes our record in development of drone safety components.
 We envision manned flights of flying cars to proliferate from around 2030 onward. Since flying cars are much heavier than drones for industrial applications, we expect the safety devices for them to also be larger. We are beginning with a proposal for an emergency safety device from a parachute that is similar to PARASAFE® and will search for the optimal form of safety device through information exchanges with cooperating partners and the industry.
 The Aero Business Promotion Department and Research & Development Group will take the lead on advancing development of the pyrotechnics safety technology cultivated in the safety systems business and drone safety components while also providing safety and security in new types of air mobility.

  • * In research and development aimed at creating new businesses and products, we strategically allocate company-wide management resources to themes that are expected to become major growth areas in the future, and promote them as "corporate research themes" by integrating internal and external technologies, products, and intellectual property.

Research DX

Research DX —Exploring Platforms for Using Informatics—

Digital transformation (DX) of research and development through data mining, AI use, data visualization, and other means is especially important to accelerate the creation of new products. We began by actually asking employees involved in research and development and aim to build the infrastructure and mechanisms to support research and development based on the three cornerstones of digital data accumulation, digital data use, and education for literacy and skills.
 In 2022, we began testing platforms for use of informatics that make it possible to use data science and computational science in any environment. Making it possible to easily access the platform from laboratories and other places where researchers perform their work without special hardware, such as a dedicated high-performance PC and communication environment, will enable researchers to use sophisticated data routinely. We will reference the results of evaluations by researchers who participated in testing as we target full-scale operation.

Other initiatives: 
Partnering with external organizations to support for data analysis, accumulation of data via electronic notes on experiments, basic seminars on AI for researchers, etc.


Initiatives for research and development using a co-working space

To focus further on open innovation with other companies, government organizations, academic institutions, and start-ups, which is driven by the Technology Unit, we have assigned our staff members in charge of planning to work in a co-working space of Cambridge Innovation Center Tokyo (CIC Tokyo, (Two staff members from R&D Planning Division have been working there since September 2022.)
At CIC Tokyo, horizontal connections are made actively through close exchange of information by about 250 organizations, including companies, startups, local governments, and universities. The Nippon Kayaku Group is also building a pipeline with external organizations and a range of communities by exchanging ideas at theme-specific events and taking part in programs that match overseas startups with Japanese companies. The information we obtain is shared with staff in charge of collaborations with startups from each business unit, the Corporate Planning Division, and the Intellectual Property Division, and is used to search for business opportunities in the four target areas.

Investment in UMI No.3 Fund -Support for outstanding materials and chemical companies and open innovation-

The UMI No. 3 Fund, managed by Universal Materials Incubator Corporation (“UMI”,, was established with the vision of strengthening Japan՚s technological capabilities and fostering a world-class industrial structure through the development of superior materials and chemical companies. We provide appropriate risk money and management support for the stages from development to establishment of production technologies in such industrial fields as environment and energy, food and agriculture, life science, electronics and information, and mobility. In the mass production stage, we coordinate active collaboration between ventures and companies.
The Nippon Kayaku Group invested in December 2022 to support companies in the investment area of the UMI No. 3 Fund. We also intend to use information on startup companies for investors and to actively interact with them to introduce the basic technologies needed for research and development.

Initiatives of business alliance with AZUL Energy Inc. -Catalysts-related materials that contribute to the environment and energy field-

The AZUL catalyst, a subject of the R&D initiatives of AZUL Energy Inc. (, has an organic dye structure in its active center and exhibits higher activity than the platinum-based catalysts conventionally used in fuel cells. This material also boasts superior cost, performance, durability, and other properties. Focusing on this advantage, the Nippon Kayaku Group began joint development of a catalyst production method in 2021 and has formed a capital alliance as part of its efforts to strengthen the relationship. The joint development, which combines the Group՚s expertise in precise organic synthesis and material dispersion with AZUL Energy՚s catalyst technologies, has advanced to the stage where we can implement pilot production. In 2023. we signed a business alliance agreement for closer collaboration and cooperation. It is expected that in the future we will be able to provide AZUL catalyst manufactured on a pilot scale to customers dealing with next-generation energy devices such as metal-air batteries and fuel cells. We will also focus our efforts on initiatives to pioneer new applications.

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