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To pursue “Creation and provision of intellectual added value,” a key theme of KAYAKU Next Stage, the Intellectual Property Division has established the mission of securing the intellectual property to maximize business value and provide advice and information that will serve as guidelines for new business and production development, and is prioritizing this as its vision.

Voice! —Targeting Creation of New Businesses and New Products—

I think we can employ the intellectual property (IP) landscape to achieve the vision of the Intellectual Property Division and contribute to the creation of new businesses and new products.
 More specifically, we are building an intellectual property strategy that integrates the development strategy and business strategy, working to maximize the Company's intellectual property, and pursuing applications such as analysis of the core technologies of Nippon Kayaku and other companies, and important customer forecasts.

Akira Kunugise

Akira Kunugise
General Manager of Intellectual Property Division Research & Development Group

 In June 2021, the Corporate Governance Code was revised to recommend disclosure of the status of investment in human capital, intellectual property, and other assets, among other changes. The environment surrounding intellectual property is also undergoing major changes.
 he information that should be disclosed is a “declaration of the Company's strategic intent on what sort of business model it uses to provide value and how it monetizes the value provided.”* Such demands regard intellectual property as an important part of the long-term investment strategy. Management of intellectual property and information not only supports the Nippon Kayaku Group of the next generation through new product and new business creation; I also think it can meet the needs of the investment market and the rest of society.

* From the 2021 Intellectual Property Promotion Plan, Intellectual Property Strategy Group, July 13, 2021

Intellectual Property Topics: Introduction of AI in Patent Searches

1. Improving the efficiency of the patent information screening process

Screening patent information is essential for securing the competitive advantages of Nippon Kayaku without infringing on the rights of other companies in order to ensure the continuity of and promote existing businesses.
 However, handling of the tremendous amount of patent information requires investment of extensive business resources (in terms of both people and time). The Company therefore built an efficient screening system that uses text mining. This reduced the work involved in the screening process and was deemed to provide substantial benefit in the promotion of proper R&D. The results were presented at an external symposium and written up as a research paper.

2. Creation of new businesses and new applications

We are developing a method for using text mining to visualize patent information and other types of big data on maps, co-occurrence networks, graphs, and other visual formats, and make it easy to analyze. Use of such visuals to present a panoramic, objective overview of evidence will lead to an increase in new business options, unearthing of new ideas, and other knowledge creation. We will use this method in various cases while working together with the research laboratories.

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