Research and Development Policies and Strategies

The Creation of New Business / Products Team will collaborate with our four businesses to create new businesses and products in the four fields of Mobility, Environment & Energy, Electronics, and Life Science, transcending the boundaries of existing organizational units and contributing to the realization of our vision.

Yoshimi Inoue Member of the Board
Senior Managing Director
In charge of Technology Unit

We have established four areas to target in company-wide research and development to contribute to realizing a sustainable society. Our goal is to achieve so-called ambidexterity in identifying new knowledge while also developing existing businesses in greater depth. One concrete example of this is the IP landscape activities we engage in to analyze market information and information on the intellectual property of our competitors. We are actively involved in open innovation with start-ups and academia, and are working to secure competitive advantages.

Amid these efforts, the M-CFT 1 team, which is targeting creation of new businesses and new products, is:

  1. Checking progress on company-wide R&D activities, including activities related to existing businesses.
  2. Intensively conducting R&D activities to create new businesses
  3. Building an R&D structure that can only be found in the Nippon Kayaku Group

We are working toward the three targets mentioned above.

The M-CFT 3 team, which is pursuing company-wide digital transformation (DX), recognizes the need for digital transformation of research to improve the efficiency and enable more sophisticated R&D. To accomplish this, the team is equipping laboratories with IT infrastructure and introducing electronic experiment notes, and is also building a system for using AI and MI.

The Research & Development Group is teaming up with each business group in pursuing company-wide R&D activities with the M-CFT 1 team playing the central role to implement ambidexterity and achieve balance in R&D activities.

Research and Development Policies

Vision of R&D

Increase our corporate value by creating new businesses
and products through R&D

The role of the R&D division is to create new businesses and products through R&D activities
and increase our corporate value.
We want to be an R&D division that can create and increase corporate value.

R&D activities that simultaneously
expand existing core businesses and
develop new businesses to continuously increase corporate value

R&D to put "ambidextrous management" into practice

Research and Development Strategies

R&D to put "ambidextrous management" into practice

  • Continue to provide balanced input into R&D to strengthen core businesses and R&D to create new businesses
  • Create and grow new businesses in four new business target areas

Selection of themes based on marketing

  • Set R&D domains based on marketing activities and IP landscape, and select and plan themes using "unmet needs + seeds"
    ⇒Selection of themes that can contribute to "solving social issues"

Active use of open innovation

  • Actively introduce and utilize external technologies through external exchanges, such as startups and academia.
    Identify and collaborate with startups with particularly strong technical capabilities
  • Bring in what is needed from outside the company, including not only technology but also human resources.

Research and Development

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