Research and Development

Our Core Technologies

At Nippon Kayaku's core are technologies of fine chemicals, which we have built up in the fields of explosives, dyes and pharmaceuticals (all of which derived from our original products) along with resins (a field we entered later), among others. With these core technologies, and new technologies created through their fusions, we have been conceiving new products and businesses. We will continue to strengthen, expand and fuse our core technologies to create new products that meet the needs of the times.

Explosives technology

Using technologies learned from years of explosives and detonator manufacturing, we are undertaking the challenge of developing new technologies. Based on those technologies, we have developed automotive safety devices that require timing control at the millisecond level.

Dye technology

Our accumulated technology, which has changed based on needs of the times, has evolved to a high level and is now used in colorants for inkjet printer inks, and for the color filters of digital cameras and other products.

Pharmaceutical technology

Innovative by combining small molecule chemistries and biotechnologies of "pharmaceutical" with polymer technologies of "resins", we are taking on the challenge of creating next-generation pharmaceuticals.

Resin technology

By combining our Dye technology with technology built up through the development of various resins, we have created a number of new products such as polarizing films.

Our Business
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