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Company-wide Priority Issues: Creating New Products and New Businesses

Yoshimi Inoue

Yoshimi Inoue
Senior Managing Director
Head of Research & Development Group

The Nippon Kayaku Group has evolved the core technologies passed down since the Company was founded, and has built up numerous competitive products, technologies, intellectual property, and other assets. We view solving problems aimed at creating a sustainable society as our corporate responsibility and will work to respond to an aging society with fewer children being born and climate change issues, in addition to the accelerated adoption of sophisticated information technology in recent years.
 In order to continually generate new products and continue to contribute to society, we must strengthen our so-called ambidextrous management in identifying new business opportunities through innovation while also developing existing businesses in greater depth. We have established four areas to target for new products and new businesses: 1) Mobility, 2) Environment/Energy, 3) Electronics, and 4) Life Sciences, and will strengthen cross-organizational R&D activities in these areas. We also intend to formulate an R&D strategy through analysis from the perspective of intellectual property and make active use of external alliances to create new products and new businesses and enhance the corporate value of the Nippon Kayaku Group.

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