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We make our best possible efforts to present accurate and latest information to you through this website. Our company, however, does not at all guarantee the accuracy and/or completeness of the presented information, including the linked information in this website. While using this information, please ascertain whether or not it is appropriate for the purpose at your own risk. Our company cannot assume any responsibility even if damage is caused by the information provided in this website. Please understand above agreement beforehand and consent to it. We are not liable to timely update and correct the information provided to you. Occasionally the contents may be changed or terminated without any prior notice. Please understand above agreement beforehand and consent to it. With regard to the contents provided in this website, our company has the rights to present them to you, such as copyright.


Nippon Kayaku or a third party holds the copyright for all writings, photographs, moving images, logos, illustrations, and other contents posted in this website. Actions such as their reproduction, modification, and distribution are prohibited, with the exception of the range stipulated in the Copyright Law.
Furthermore, the use of our company's registered trademark without permission is strictly prohibited.

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The contents of websites linked from this website are operated and managed by the responsible authorities of those websites. Therefore, please use the contents at your own risk on the basis of the utilization conditions of the respective websites. Our company is not involved in the content of linked websites. Therefore, our company cannot assume responsibility for any damage caused by using the linked websites. Please understand above agreement beforehand and consent to it.

Linking with this website

With regard to linking to this website, we refuse to be linked from sites with contents that defame and calumniate our company and that may potentially damage public trust and provide information that offends public order and morals.
Moreover, before commencing the linking process, please use an Inquiry form to convey information regarding the user's name, telephone number, mailing address, and the website URL of the link origin.


The browser display in this website differs from the printing layout during the process of printing.
We provide a printing system in which only the information on the page is printed.


RSS/Atom provides update information of certain webpages in a XML format.
By using RSS Reader, update information of certain webpages can be automatically checked.

*Information and URL to be distributed may be changed according to circumstances.

*Please be informed that we do not respond to individual queries about functions provided by third parties, such as usage of RSS Reader.

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