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Business Strategy

Nippon Kayaku Group sets mid-to-long term basic management policy and basic business policy.
Under this basic management strategy, we have formulated a 3 year mid-term business plan KAYAKU Next Stage (from the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020 to the fiscal year ending March 31, 2022), and we are aiming to realize our corporate vision.

Corporate Vision

The Nippon Kayaku Group is implementing CSR management that fosters trust among all stakeholders through its focus on the KAYAKU spirit, which calls for "continuously providing society with the best products through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences."

KAYAKU spirit
Corporate Vision and CSR Activities

Basic Management Policy

The Nippon Kayaku Group engages in CSR management by outlining a mid-term CSR action plan that reflects the trust we receive from all our stakeholders. We continuously implement this mid-term CSR action plan to expand our management resources. This enables us to work towards maximizing our corporate value, achieving sustainable growth, and contributing to a sustainable society and environment.

CSR Management and CSR Action Plan

Under our Basic Management Policy, we analyze our business environment and the opinions of external stakeholders to ascertain risks and opportunities, and to identify core mid-term CSR issues (materiality). We then created our Mid-term CSR Action Plan 2019-2021, in which we outline detailed initiatives and goals based on identified materiality issues.
The issues and goals outlined in this action plan are consistent with the core themes of our Mid-Term Business Plan KAYAKU Next Stage and we are implementing this action plan in unison with the business strategy outlined in our business plan.

Please refer to our CSR section for details on the Mid-term CSR Action Plan 2019-2021.

Basic Business Strategy

Basic management strategy of Nippon Kayaku is to apply our unique expertise in elemental technologies and our management resources towards rapidly implementing strategies aimed at achieving our business vision of continuing to provide the best products, technologies, and services that safeguard the life and health of consumers, and support a comfortable life.
Our Group corporate slogan is global “sukima” (niche) ideas. We pursue R&D investments and capital expenditures that produce products with value. We will combine those investments with internal and external resources to further grow “sukima” businesses.

Smart Chemicals Company

The Nippon Kayaku Group is continuing to evolve from a pioneer in the field of fine chemicals in Japan to become a global Smart Chemicals Company®. We will develop, manufacture, and deliver to society "intelligent chemical products" by utilizing leading chemical technology that has been cultivated over a history of 100 years. With careful consideration for the environment and safety, we aim to continue to maintain a presence needed by society as a Smart Chemicals Company® that provides characteristic products. Sharing efficient monozukuri craftsmanship know-how, qualified people, and sound financial strength among multiple businesses is a major source of value for our group. We believe that managing comprehensively and facilitating integration within our businesses and our group companies will tie into future increases in corporate value for our group.

The Chart of Smart Chemicals Company

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