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Nippon Kayaku Group’s Corporate Value Creation Process

Continuing to provide the best products, technologies, and services that safeguard the life and health of consumers, and support a comfortable life

The business environment facing us continues to change at a dizzying pace.
 In the information communications field, the introduction of the fifth generation mobile telecommunications system (5G) is expected to usher in calls for significant performance enhancements to the chemical products serving as the base materials for such. In terms of energy and resource conservation fields, the role that functional chemical products are expected to play continues to grow for such materials that conform to environmental requirements. When casting an eye of the healthcare field, there is a need to overcome various issues if the national health insurance program is going to stand up along with advancements and increased individualization in healthcare as progress towards an increasingly aging society continues. In the automotive industry, CASE*-led innovation is expected to have a major impact on the structure of the automotive market. There has also been an increased focus on food safety in the agrochemical field as well, with continuing change seen in terms of the further reduction in the cost of agrochemicals and the spread of generic agrochemicals.
 Further, the scope of responsibility that companies are expected to fulfill continues to grow, particularly in terms of issues concerning climate change, such as efforts to limit global warming and responding to water risks, and in terms of meeting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which strive to resolve issues the world is facing, such as the eradication of poverty and starvation.
 We will work to achieve our business vision of “continuously provide the best products, technologies, and services that safeguard the life and health of consumers and support a comfortable life” amidst such a rapidly changing world by ensuring that we evolve our core technologies in response to such change.

* CASE: An acronym consisting of "C" for Connected, "A" for Autonomous, "S" for Shared, and "E" for Electric.

Continuation of the CSR Action Plan to produce corporate value

Within the Group’s CSR management, we have positioned the ongoing efforts of the CSR Action Plan as the Nippon Kayaku Group’s corporate value creation process. In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020 we established the “Mid-term CSR Action Plan 2019-2021” to be applied in tandem with KAYAKU Next Stage, outlining a specific action plan in response to 16 “materialities” identified. In addition to setting targets in relation to business activities, we have established goals concerning quality and safety, procurement and customer service, and environmental, social and governance-related measures, incorporating action plans to be fulfilled for each stakeholder.
 Looking ahead, we will apply the KAYAKU spirit towards contributing to the realization of a sustainable society, achieved through unflagging progress on the back of corporate value creation processes pursued while ensuring the appropriate application of the management resources available to the Group.

Nippon Kayaku Group’s Corporate Value Creation Process

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