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Nippon Kayaku Group’s Corporate Value Creation Process

Continuing to provide the best products, technologies, and services that safeguard the life and health of consumers, and support a comfortable life

To meet the needs of the time, we have altered and developed our core technologies—from dye technology to new applications for color materials and functional materials, from anti-bacterial cultivation techniques to anti-cancer drugs, from explosives technology to applications in automotive safety components—and at times combined them, to create new businesses and products.
 More change is forecast in various fields. Calls for a Super Smart Society, or Society 5.0, are creating more needs for new functional materials. As Japan’s birthrate declines and population grays, medicine is becoming more advanced and individualized, while the national healthcare system will implement a new structure. On the horizon we see compact city plans, a new mobile society with autonomous driving, and a future urbanized society designed to pursue greater safety and convenience. Agriculture is also approaching a more advanced and diversified era.
 Meanwhile, the world faces a mountain of issues raised by the Paris Agreement on climate change and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including food and water shortages accompanying population growth, growing income disparity, labor-related problems such as child labor, and progressing global warming among others.
 Even amid these dramatically changing circumstances, we shall express our “changing genes” from the time of our foundation and continuously provide the best products to help the world and people. This is exactly defined as the Nippon Kayaku Group’s significance, and in our Business Vision for the mid- and long-term, we shall “continuously provide the best products, technologies, and services that safeguard the life and health of consumers and support a comfortable life.” In order to realize our Business Vision, the Group practices the CSR management. Within the Group’s CSR management, we have positioned the ongoing efforts of the Mid-term CSR Action Plan as the Nippon Kayaku Group’s corporate value creation process, and aim to raise corporate value.

Nippon Kayaku Group’s Corporate Value Creation Process

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