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The Nippon Kayaku Group acts out of an awareness for CSR Key Themes (“Materiality”) for the realization of the KAYAKU spirit, our corporate vision.

The corporate vision of the Nippon Kayaku Group, KAYAKU spirit, is “Continuously providing society with the best products through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences.” KAYAKU spirit is a vision shared by the entire Group, calling for us to continuously contribute to society by providing the best products required in the world through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences.
 The Group launched the three-year Mid-term Business Plan called KAYAKU Next Stage from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2020. The name of this plan contains the commitment to advance to the next stage of our vision by achieving net sales of at least 200 billion yen. In addition, we formulated and are now implementing the Midterm CSR Action Plan linked with the Mid-term Business Plan based on our identification of CSR key themes (materiality). Under these plans, we will contribute to a sustainable society through business growth along with corporate activities that combine together consideration for the environment, co-existence with local communities and governance reform.
 Our consolidated net sales for the first fiscal year of KAYAKU Next Stage totaled 175.1 billion yen, which marks a record high for us. However, with the outbreak of the COVID-19 from the fourth quarter, the Functional Chemicals Business and Safety Systems Business began to see an impact on their performance, resulting in issues that remain in terms of the growth strategy we envisioned at the start of the fiscal year. We believe that a time of major changes represents an opportunity to rethink our focus for achieving a sustainable society. Today, senior management, business divisions, and corporate divisions are working together to discuss and recompose our vision for the future.
 There are two phases that we must implement aimed at the realization of this vision. In phase one, all executives and employees of the Nippon Kayaku Group will re-examine the current state and work daily to master even faster-paced Kaizen (improvement). Toward this end, we have launched top-down cost reduction activities now being pursued by all employees. In phase two, we will fully streamline R&D, manufacturing and sales processes to bring to market products that offer superior function and cost competitiveness. We have adopted a front-loading approach where we will invest resources in the initial stage of development processes in a concentrated manner to ensure we thoroughly reduce possible defects that could occur in back-end processes.
 We will proactively implement these initiatives to achieve our vision and ensure employees work together as one so that we are recognized as a company that is truly indispensable to society.
 Looking ahead, the Nippon Kayaku Group will implement KAYAKU spirit and strive to ensure that all of its stakeholders can feel a keen sense of happiness and joy.
 The Nippon Kayaku Group asks for the continued support of our stakeholders as we move forward.

President, Representative Director
Atsuhiro Wakumoto
Atsuhiro Wakumoto

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