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Functional Chemicals

We contribute to the creation of an “Super Smart Society” and the realization of the SDGs by applying our core resin, colorant, catalyst and optical processing technologies to provide functional chemicals that offer special characteristics for the fields of information and communications, digital printing, energy and resource conservation, and sensing.


We contribute to society through improved patient outcomes achieved as a result of innovation using our technological expertise, the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals, and the provision of information.

Safety Systems

Applying the technology we have cultivated in the automotive safety components field, we aim to provide more people around the world with safety by developing new safety components that are compatible with evolving mobility technology.

Agrochemicals / Other

We will contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture by providing environmentally-friendly agrochemicals using our technologies and services to support the food supply. (Agrochemicals Business)

* Other: Real estate leasing

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