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In Mobility & Imaging Business Unit, we aim to become a trusted global brand of automotive safety components, with the goal of contributing to a safe and secure mobility society while focusing on solving social issues such as ones on carbon neutrality. In the Safety Systems business, sales and profits in FY2022 increased due to foreign exchange fluctuations and aggressive global business expansion, more than offsetting the impact of the rapid spread of COVID-19 in China and supply problems in semiconductors and other products on automobile production.
 The global situation is expected to remain uncertain for the foreseeable future, and the automobile market will see the rise of emerging EV manufacturers and the development of new EV technologies that will create chaos throughout the supply chain. On the other hand, the demand for automotive safety components is expected to be even stronger, especially in China and the Global South.
 At the Nippon Kayaku Group, we will strive to achieve growth of automotive safety components including inflators and micro gas generators as our current mainstay products. At the same time, we will drive the development of pyrotechnic devices for use in electrical circuit breakers for EVs and new products which will be useful for safety in new mobility such as drones and flying cars.
 In FY2023, we will start as the new Mobility & Imaging business unit with two businesses: safety systems business and Polatechno business that mainly deals in polarizers for automobile applications. We will strive to strengthen product competitiveness in the business unit as a whole by sharing information on the market of products for automotive applications, jointly formulating new strategies, and reducing costs through the sharing of production technologies and expertise.

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