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This website aims to provide information to stockholders and investors concerning the financial affairs and management of Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. and its affiliated companies (hereafter referred to as the Nippon Kayaku group).

We publish the information on this website with the greatest circumspection. However, before you browse the contents of our website, please note that our company never takes responsibility for mistakes, interpolations of the data by third parties, malfunctions caused by data download, etc., in this information regardless of the reason.

Apart from the historical facts that are stated, the information on this website is written with it focus on the future prospect of the Nippon Kayaku group judged by the executives based on the currently available data. This information includes risks and uncertain elements in connection with the economic trend, industrial trend, market demand, exchange rate, taxation system, laws, regulations, intellectual property, etc. Therefore, the results may change due to various elements.
If the future prospect described on this website is amended because of new information or changes in phenomena, the Nippon Kayaku group will not bear the obligation to publish the amended future prospect.
Moreover, before you peruse the contents of the website, please keep in mind that there are cases in which part of the information disclosed to the securities exchange or the like is omitted from the website, described differently from the disclosed information, or has been amended or deleted without notice.

In addition, please note that the purpose of including this information on the website is not to invite investment. When you decide to invest, please do not base your judgment solely on the information provided on this website; rather, please make your own personal judgment on whether to invest.

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