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Disclosure Policy

Basic Policy

Nippon Kayaku strives to earn the trust of all stakeholders and to continue to be an essential part of society. To achieve these goals, we disclose information to all of our shareholders, investors, and other stakeholders in a timely, impartial, and fair manner.

Information Disclosure Standards

We disclose information in an impartial and fair manner in accordance with the Companies Act, the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, and the rules on timely disclosure set forth by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (hereafter, “rules on disclosure”).
We also practice impartial and fair disclosure of information that is not subject to the rules on disclosure, but which we have determined could have a material impact on investment decisions made by our shareholders and investors.

Information Disclosure Methods

Information that is subject to the rules on disclosure is disclosed publicly via the Timely Disclosure Network (hereafter, “TDnet”). After disclosing such information on TDnet, we also post the same information on our corporate website and provide it to media organizations. We also disclose information in an impartial and fair manner when disclosing information that is not subject to the rules on disclosure. Such information is posted on our corporate website and provided to media organizations.

Future Forecasts

Nippon Kayaku may also provide information on future forecasts in materials prepared for results presentation meetings and in materials published by the company, in addition to business forecasts included in the summary of financial results. Such information is based on information obtainable at the time the materials were produced, with the exception of information regarding past or current facts. Actual results may therefore differ substantially, depending on future changes in the economic climate and business environment surrounding the company.

Quiet Period

Nippon Kayaku maintains a “quiet period” from the day after the closing date for the financial statements until results are announced. We do so in order to prevent leakage of financial results and to ensure legal compliance and fairness. During this period, we refrain from commenting on or responding to questions concerning the financial statements.
However, should forecasts that diverge substantially from the business forecasts emerge during this quiet period, we will disclose such information according to the rules on disclosure.

Disclosure of Information to Third Parties and Business Forecasts by Third Parties

During meetings with individual analysts and institutional investors, we only mention facts that are already public knowledge, facts that are generally known, or information on general trends in the business environment or market environment. We also do not support the comments, business forecasts, or any other statements concerning Nippon Kayaku made by third parties.

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