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Vision and Action Related to CSR

The Nippon Kayaku Group is implementing CSR management that earns the trust of all stakeholders by engaging in corporate activities that realize the KAYAKU spirit.

CSR Management (CSR)

Fulfilling Our Responsibility to Society

The Nippon Kayaku Group carries out CSR activities that foster trust among all of its stakeholders, including customers, business partners, shareholders and investors, society and local communities, and employees.

Initiatives with Our Customers

We have established a basic policy called the Declaration on Environment, Health and Safety, and Quality, and are building a quality management system to continuously deliver the best products that satisfy customers. The Quality Management Division of the Technical Operations Group plays the central role in promoting the Nippon Kayaku Group’s quality assurance and quality improvement activities, and we strive to improve customer satisfaction with various company-wide initiatives for quality.
 For quality assurance activities, we are implementing initiatives that aim to mitigate quality process failures and customer complaints, and carrying out various training to enhance and reinforce quality control skills in order to stabilize quality.
 For quality improvement activities, we are involved in quality risk assessments, in addition to various training activities. A collection of best practices on quality improvements is also published in order to promote comprehensive understanding about quality improvement methods. Also, laboratories are working to enhance their design and development capabilities through the introduction of quality engineering and statistical methods.

With Our Customers (CSR)

Initiatives with Our Business Partners

The Nippon Kayaku Group has formulated its CSR Procurement Policy and is establishing Basic Procurement Principles and Basic Procurement Policies governing purchasing activities that are appropriate for CSR management.
 To realize the KAYAKU spirit, we are striving to forge sustainable relationships of mutual growth by actively communicating well with suppliers from a long-term perspective. As such, we believe factors such as quality, price, stability of supply, observance of relevant laws and regulations, respect for human rights, labor, health and safety, and environmental conservation are important for us to join forces and work together with our suppliers.

With Our Business Partners, Stockholders and Investors (CSR)

Initiatives for Employees

In order to realize the KAYAKU spirit, we are striving to reform various systems so that all employees can fulfill their individual responsibilities and roles with a sense of pride and confidence as key implementers of CSR management.

With Our Employees (CSR)

Initiatives for Society and Local Communities

Aiming to be a company closely rooted in communities, we proactively engage in communication with all of our stakeholders and support the education of children who will lead the next generation through involvement at the local level.

With Our Local Communities (CSR)

Fulfilling Our Responsibility to the Environment

With our Declaration on Environment, Health and Safety, and Quality as a basic policy, our Group is promoting the concepts of safety first, environmental management and employee health care. We are working to reduce the burden on the environment, prevent accidents and occupational injuries, and improve the work environment based on our mid-term Corporate Master Plan for the Environment.

System for Managing the Environment, Health and Safety, and Quality Assurance

The Nippon Kayaku Group is working to ensure environment, health and safety and improve and maintain quality assurance through a management structure built around the Environment, Safety, and Quality Assurance Management Committee, which is chaired by the company president. We engage in organized activities such as central environment, health and safety diagnostics and central quality assurance diagnostics conducted at business locations in Japan and overseas plants.

Environment/Health/Safety/Quality Management System (CSR)

Responsible Care

Every Group company mutually promotes initiatives to prioritize safety above all. In line with the “Declaration on Environment, Health and Safety, and Quality”, we are implementing responsible care activities among all employees of the Nippon Kayaku Group. These are aimed at preventing environmental and safety-related accidents and injuries, and realizing the KAYAKU spirit, beginning with compliance with local laws and regulations overseas in addition to those of Japan.

Environment/Health/Safety/Quality Management System (CSR)

Promotion of Environmental Protection Activities and Mid-term Corporate Master Plan for the Environment (Nippon Kayaku non-consolidated basis)

Nippon Kayaku is committed to achieving a balance between the efficiency of production and reducing its impact on the environment. For this reason, we address environmental management initiatives as important issues and are striving to achieve the various environmental targets we have set.
 We have established our mid-term Corporate Master Plan for the Environment for FYE March 2012 to FYE March 2021 over three categories with six items. Based on our mid-term results for FYE March 2016, we have set our target figures at stricter levels, and we are working to achieve these goals.

Initiatives for Environmental Protection (CSR)

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