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Safety Systems Business

Yoshitsugu Ishida Member of the Board
Senior Managing Director
Representative Director
Head of the Safety Systems Group

Business Vision

Applying the technology we have cultivated in the automotive safety components field, we aim to provide more people around the world with safety by developing new safety components that are compatible with evolving mobility technology.

Mid-term Business Strategy

We will expand our global business for inflators, micro gas generators, and squibs by globally strengthening our production systems, quality assurance systems and supply chains.

Business Profile

As Japan’s first manufacturer of industrial explosives, the safety systems business applies techniques that were gained over many years in relation to igniters, detonation and explosive combustion. In doing so, we have developed our own inflators, which are gas-generating devices for inflating airbags during car collision, micro gas generators, which are compact gas-generating devices used for retracting seat belts in the event of a collision, and squibs, which are used for igniting these devices. Currently, from our five production bases* in Japan, the Czech Republic, China, Mexico and Malaysia, we are expanding our business globally.

* Production Bases Japan: Himeji Plant
Czech Republic: Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. (KSE) * The corporate name changed on June 1, 2018.
China: Kayaku Safety Systems (Huzhou) Co., Ltd. (KSH)
Mexico: Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. (KSM)
Malaysia: Kayaku Safety Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (KMY)

Safety Systems Business

Business Environments and Future Outlook

It is clear that the automotive and automotive components industries currently stand at a turning point. We must respond by estimating the impact that the four changes expressed by “CASE”* will have on our company’s business. We see the expansion of the safety systems business over the past few years as the result of a push to globalize, coupled with aggressive capital spending to cope with growing demand for products. However, we believe it dangerous to think it is fine to keep doing things the same old way. We must execute aggressive risk-taking to deal with the greater-thanever changes approaching. To that end, we shall first make certain that operations are safe and improve quality day-by-day. In addition, we shall endeavor to reform our organizational awareness so as to thoroughly rid ourselves of the idea that doing things the same old way is fine.

* CASE: An acronym consisting of “C” for Connected, “A” for Autonomous, “S” for Shared, and “E” for Electric.

Key Themes in Mid-term Business Plan

Theme Details of initiatives
Establishing safety and quality management systems
  • Promote safety enhancement activities and permeate quality awareness among all workers
Strengthening research and development
  • Promote the development of safe products that match evolving market demands
  • Promote development of safety devices for drones
Creating and providing intellectual added value
  • Establish Nippon Kayaku original pyrotechnics safety technology that combines Japanese and western knowhow
  • Promote automation of production and inspection processes, improve global production technology and production knowhow
Pursuing global management
  • Strengthen reporting, notifications, and consulting between factories, aim for global uniform management
  • Select and train global personnel in Japan and from overseas to foster the development of the next generation of leadership
Strengthening the business through internal and external partnerships
  • Strengthen global supply base
  • Promote development based on external collaboration and strengthen alliances
Building a strong business base capable of supporting growth
  • Engage in timely capital expenditures that respond to demand
  • Create a master plan for each site to promote business expansion

Development of Two New Airbag Inflators

As the global automotive market grows, we are making advances in developing more lightweight airbags with better performance as the market demands better environmental performance and safety.
 The Nippon Kayaku Group has developed two new automotive airbag inflators. One for the driver and passenger seats is disk-type, while the other for the side and knees is cylinder-type. The Himeji Plant, the mother plant for the safety systems business, began manufacturing these products for Japanese manufacturers in April 2018. The new disk-type product marks a 25% weight reduction over the conventional model to help build more lightweight and fuel-efficient vehicles. Meanwhile, the new cylinder-type product realizes high directivity thanks to a narrower part for storing the explosive, and other factors. This design allows us to manufacture large, high-performance inflators that hold a large amount of gas-generating agent. We plan to roll out these two new airbag inflators worldwide.

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