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Pharmaceuticals Business

Kazuto Koizumi Member of the Board Managing Director
Head of Pharmaceuticals Group

Business Vision

We contribute to society through improved patient outcomes achieved as a result of innovation using our technological expertise, the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals, and the provision of information.

Mid-term Business Strategy

Continue to grow with Speciality,
Biosimilar and Generic pharmaceuticals as our core areas.

Business Profile

The pharmaceuticals business has expanded operations by focusing on anti-cancer drugs and cancer-related agents since the launch of BLEO® in 1969. We have the largest lineup of cancer related products, including generic drugs, among Japanese pharmaceutical companies, and we are providing these products as well as highly reliable information on the cancer field to medical institutions. While advancing drug discovery research and development using biotechnology and polymer technology, we have also been promptly working on the development of biosimilars. As early as 2014, we launched the first monoclonal antibody biosimilar in Japan. Through these activities, we are contributing to society by realizing improvements in patient outcomes and more efficient medical spending.

Pharmaceuticals Business

To Achieve Our Vision

Domestically, the business environment is now one in which there are annual drug price revisions and market expansion cannot be anticipated for existing pharmaceutical drugs. The value that we should think about providing to society as a pharmaceutical business amid such conditions is the provision of new therapeutic opportunities. Ongoing generation of new products in new areas that are areas of strength for us is an important issue.
 In the Pharmaceuticals Group, we decided to target 80.0 billion yen in net sales and 14.0 billion yen in segment operating profit in FY2030 as our Vision. To achieve the Vision, we will re-establish the Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories as the structure for developing new drugs in-house and will pursue research themes aimed at beginning clinical trials by FY 2025. We will also strive to introduce new products and actively engage in alliances with other companies and external organizations and fill our pipeline through these two initiatives.
 In addition to the above initiatives, we will expand and fortify production plants to ensure stable supply and strengthen the quality assurance system. We will focus on bringing manufacturing of biomedicines in-house and using the technology for manufacturing highly pharmacologically active compounds while maximizing the value of the Takasaki plant.

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