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Agrochemicals Business

Tomoo Shibuya Member of the Board Representative Senior Managing Director
Head of Strategic Corporate Planning Group,
Risk Management Committee Chief,
Head of Agrochemicals Division

Business Vision

We will contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture by providing environmentally-friendly agrochemicals using our technologies and services to support the food supply.

Mid-term Business Strategy

To grow by providing superior products, securing a unique product line-up, and expanding short-term development themes and the launch of new insecticides.

Business Profile

In the agrochemicals business, we develop, manufacture, and sell insecticides, herbicides and soil fumigants for agricultural use, and insecticides for sanitary insect pests. We are contributing to the development of agriculture and spread of operations by expanding into Asia and the rest of the global market. This is done by boosting safety and saving on labor with new formulation technologies while developing new agrochemicals at the same time.

Agrochemicals Business

Mid- and Long-term Outlook for the Business

As the world population grows and standards of living rise, the demand for food continues to increase. Expectations are high for agrochemicals that make a significant contribution to meeting this demand, and each year is seeing increased calls not only for effectiveness and low prices, but also for environmental friendliness, safety and ease of use.
 As a specialist in vegetable and fruit tree pest control, the Agrochemicals Division will promote brand strategies for existing products, develop new products through formulation technologies, which is our forte, and furthermore expand the scale of business through product launches, subcontracted manufacturing, and more. With this, we are aiming for our business division sales of 13 billion yen as our “Vision” for 2030.
 Meanwhile, as the global spread of the novel coronavirus increases the risk of disruption in existing supply chains, we hope to continue meeting our obligations to provide a stable supply of affordable products by rebuilding supply chains.

Initiatives under Mid-term Business Plan “KAYAKU Next Stage

In our mid-term business plan, “KAYAKU Next Stage”, we are aiming to increase sales of our key products of FINESAVE®, FUHMON®, and DIAZINON®, and strengthen brand equity by expanding the applications of these products, providing information on how to use them effectively, and creating new advertising using social networking services.
 In new product development, we are fusing our own proprietary formulation technologies with internal and external technologies to provide new value that will delight our customers.
 We will strengthen our supply chain by purchasing main raw materials from multiple suppliers, continue to emphasize safety and quality in our operations at the Kashima Plant, and introduce MFCA* to reduce both environmental impacts and costs.
 We are also using projects to expand the scale of our business through product launches, subcontracted manufacturing, and so on.

* MFCA: Acronym of “Material Flow Cost Accounting,” a method for visualizing the loss of materials such as raw materials and materials in production in terms of quantity and cost.

Key Themes in Mid-term Business Plan

Theme Details of initiatives
Establishing safety and quality management systems Reduce safety / quality process errors
Reduce industrial waste
Strengthening research and development Create new products
Creating and providing intellectual added value Strengthen brand equity for core products
Pursuing global management Promote development of flometoquin agents and strengthen sales structure
Strengthening the business through internal and external partnerships Expand product line
Building a strong business base capable of supporting growth Reduce costs for core products
Secure stable supply of main raw materials


Construction of new synthesis line at Kashima Plant

We constructed a new synthesis line inside the Kashima Plant, which was completed in July 2020, recognizing the importance of strengthening manufacturing technologies along with promoting R&D related to the agrochemicals business. With the position of our production bases in China unstable at the moment, our aim is to develop a stable supply system using in-house production, while refining organic synthesis technologies to expand the business for contract manufacturing from other companies for raw materials and intermediates. In addition, we intend to use this new location as a base for elevating the Nippon Kayaku Group’s synthesis technologies with an eye toward utilizing it for other businesses, such as the Functional Chemicals Business, in addition to agrochemicals.

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