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Agrochemicals Business

Masaru Oizumi Member of the Board Managing Director
Head of the Agrochemicals Division

Business Vision

We offer efficient, safe, and highly environmentally compatible agrochemicals with our formulation technologies for the easy-to-use purpose and the optimization of their performance.

Mid-term Business Strategy

To grow by providing superior products, securing a unique product line-up, and expanding short-term development themes and the launch of new insecticides.

Business Profile

In the agrochemicals business, we develop, manufacture, and sell insecticides, herbicides and soil fumigants for agricultural use, and insecticides for sanitary insect pests. We are contributing to the development of agriculture and spread of operations by expanding into Asia and the rest of the global market. This is done by boosting safety and saving on labor with new formulation technologies while developing new agrochemicals at the same time.

Agrochemicals Business

Business Environments and Future Outlook

In the future, stable food supply will be one of the greatest issues in ensuring the survival of people around the word, on par with water resources. Agrochemicals are an essential component in maintaining the quality of crops, which are food staples. The mission of the agrochemicals business is to supply high-quality agrochemicals at a fair price. In the future we will take on the challenge of developing new agrochemicals that provide a high degree of customer satisfaction while responding to the anticipated changes in the agrochemical regulatory system, and will focus on ensuring quality and achieving stable production.
 We will also continue to provide the proper information and technology for the use of agrochemicals to places that use them, both in Japan and overseas.

Key Themes in Mid-term Business Plan

Theme Details of initiatives
Establishing safety and quality management systems Reduce safety / quality process errors
Reduce industrial waste
Strengthening research and development Create new products
Creating and providing intellectual added value Strengthen brand equity for core products
Pursuing global management Promote development of flometoquin agents and strengthen sales structure
Strengthening the business through internal and external partnerships Expand product line
Building a strong business base capable of supporting growth Reduce costs for core products
Secure stable supply of main raw materials
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