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Agrochemicals Business

Tomoo Shibuya Member of the Board Representative Senior Managing Director
Head of Strategic Corporate Planning Group,
Head of Agrochemicals Division

Business Vision

We will contribute to the sustainable development of agriculture by providing excellent environmentallyfriendly agrochemicals using our technologies and services to support the food supply.

Mid-term Business Strategy

To grow by providing superior products, securing a unique product line-up, and expanding short-term development themes and the launch of new insecticides.

Business Profile

In the agrochemicals business, we develop, manufacture, and sell insecticides, herbicides and soil fumigants for agricultural use, and insecticides for sanitary insect pests. We are contributing to the development of agriculture and spread of operations by expanding into Asia and the rest of the global market. This is done by boosting safety and saving on labor with new formulation technologies while developing new agrochemicals at the same time.

Agrochemicals Business

To Achieve Our Vision

The agrochemicals business continues to work to solve the problems of farmers through agrochemicals and materials for agriculture use, mainly for fruits and vegetables. Agrochemicals take time to develop. After identifying a new substance through research that is effective against harmful insects, it must go through a process of verifying efficacy and safety on farms, and it therefore takes time to launch a new product. We have therefore set 2030 as the fiscal year for achieving our Vision of the business and established 15.0 billion yen* in net sales as a numerical target. We aim to achieve our Vision through new effective substances and contract manufacturing at our Kashima plant based on overseas sales of FINESAVE®, existing unique formulations, product introductions, and other measures while maintaining existing products.
 We will also expand our product groups to include biostimulants and other materials for agricultural use, pick up the needs of farmers, and build a system of sales and market penetration for reliable delivery of the appropriate products and information in a timely manner. We will engage in unique R&D focused on the future factors such as market, regulations, and environmental response and strive to produce safe, stable products at a low cost, which reduce the negative impact on the environment.

* Include “Other Business“

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