With Our Local Communities

The Nippon Kayaku Group aims to be a company closely rooted in communities through its involvement at the local level, proactive engagement with all stakeholders and support for the educational needs of the next generation.

For society built on a healthy and productive life

Asunaro House - Let's Assist Children with Intractable Diseases and Their Families

The Nippon Kayaku Group, as part of the commemorative projects marking its 80th anniversary and under the motto of "Let's assist children with intractable diseases and their families," owns and operates Asunaro House, an extended-stay facility for caregivers in Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture.

We have been holding volunteer events twice a year for current and former employees of Nippon Kayaku and its affiliates to clean and do yard work since 2018 so that families using Asunaro House can enjoy a pleasant stay there.
Our goal is to offer a facility that provides networking opportunities for the families of sick children and helps alleviate the mental and financial burden on these families while safeguarding their privacy.

    157 families Number of families using the service annually* *January 1, 2019 to December 31, 2019
  • Asunaro House
  • Asunaro House
  • Current and former employees volunteering in cleaning and yard work
Asunaro HouseAsunaro House Manager


I have been working as the House Manager at Asunaro House since 2017. Since its founding 22 years ago in 1998, more than 3,500 families (constituting 65,000 people) have used Asunaro House.
We expect that more people will avail themselves of our services because the Saitama Children's Medical Center relocated to Saitama-Shintoshin area in 2016 and many nearby medical facilities have been expanding their pediatric medical treatment.
Asunaro House is constantly changing as it anticipates users' needs as times change and so that families will be able to have a safer, more secure, and more comfortable stay.
There is no better recognition than the simple words "thank you" as the children are discharged from the hospital and ready to move back home as a family.

Providing Support for LRI Activities

The Long-range Research Initiative (LRI) is a joint initiative of the chemical industries of Japan, the United States and Europe. Part of the voluntary activities of International Council of Chemical Associations (ICCA), LRI supports long-term research into the effects of chemicals on human health and the environment, with focus on endocrine disrupting effects, neurotoxicity, chemical carcinogenesis, immunotoxicity and elaborating risk factors.

Nippon Kayaku has actively supported LRI from its start in 1999 by offering financial support for LRI activities. and attending the committee.

Supporting the Development of the Next Generation

CSR Educational Initiatives

Three approaches including outreach classes, events, and site visits.

Outreach Class

Outreach classes are developed based on our own educational program that are in line with elementary schools' guidelines with and implemented in schools around plants.

Outreach class: "Discovering the body! Mechanisms of the body and its relationship to medicine"

A curriculum to learn the following four concepts through experimentation developed based on "Constitutions of the Human Body and Functions" as a science subject related to the pharmaceutical business.

(1)How are nutrients absorbed into the bloodstream after being digested; how do they circulate throughout the body?
(2)How do medicinal ingredients become absorbed into the bloodstream from the small intestine; how do they circulate throughout the body?
(3)The deep relationship between the efficacy of medicines and the body's mechanisms.
(4)Pharmaceutical companies making various efforts.

Takasaki Plant
Class for Grade 6 students at Takasaki Municipal Iwahana Elementary School

An outreach class was hosted for grade six students at Takasaki Municipal Iwahana Elementary School on June 2019. Employees from the Takasaki Plant with highly specialized knowledge acted as the teacher and teaching assistants. While these teachers were somewhat nervous, they strived to get closer to the students to promote clear understanding and share their advice. We will continue to hold outreach classes like this one in order to instill interest in chemistry among school children and enable them to feel more comfortable as a member of society.

Class for Grade 6 students at Takasaki Municipal Iwahana Elementary School

Tokyo R&D Administration Office
Class for Grade 6 students at Kita Ward Nadeshiko Elementary School

An outreach class was hosted for grade six students at Kita Ward Nadeshiko Elementary School on July 2019. Researchers from the Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories and Functional Chemicals R&D Laboratories served as teacher and teaching assistants. The students were captivated by the experiments held in class and gave their undivided attention. The outreach class experience was also appreciated by the school teachers. Through this event, students were encouraged to learn more about chemistry as well as to understand more about Nippon Kayaku.

Class for Grade 6 students at Kita Ward Nadeshiko Elementary School

Site Visits

Himeji Plant
Initiatives to Cultivate the Next Generation

The two programs of "Creating Fizzing Tablets" and "Plant Tour" launched in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the company's founding were hosted for grade six students at Toyotomi Elementary School located near the Himeji Plant. These programs were held for the 4th year in fiscal 2018 with a total of 24 participating students.

In order to encourage active participation, the students were given a quiz on knowledge of gunpowder. As well, the students tried their hand at creating fizzing tablets as bath bombs resembling gas forming agents manufactured at the Himeji Plant, which aimed to spur interest in chemistry and manufacturing.

The children not only viewed the production line but also observed instantly inflating air bags up close, which is not something that can normally be experienced.

  • Initiatives to Cultivate the Next Generation
  • Initiatives to Cultivate the Next Generation

Event-based Educational CSR

Asa Plant
Science Expo hosted by the City of Sanyo-Onoda
“Using Chromatography to Make Round Fans” event for elementary and junior high school students

Asa Plant has participated in the annual Science Expo hosted by the City of Sanyo-Onoda. Under this year's theme, “Let's Play with Color,” we held chromatography experiments and had students experience the world's only round fan making event.
Children were able to get a sense of the wonders of science as we explained how to use color separation when making the fans.

Asa Plant

Kashima Plant
Customer living expo as Kamisu Festa hosted by the City of Kamisu in Ibaraki Prefecture
Experience-based Event for Elementary School Students

Kashima Plant and Agrochemicals research laboratories participate in Customer living expo as Kamisu Festa hosted by the City of Kamisu in Ibaraki every year in October with the goal of giving back to the local community by conveying and fostering interest in science and chemistry among youth.

The Nippon Kayaku booth hosted a hands-on event called "Let's play by making bead-like capsules," which utilizes the technology and products of Kashima Plant and the Agrochemicals Laboratories. Students took part in the simple chemical experiment of creating artificial salmon roe.

Kashima Plant

Tokyo R&D Administration Office
Held class for elementary school children during summer vacation

A summertime class for elementary school students between grades three and six was held at Tokyo's Kita Ward Nadeshiko Elementary School on August 2019.

Members of our Tokyo R&D Administration Office and our other research laboratories collaborated in holding experiments using acrylic resins, which are photo-setting resins.
The children were excited to see liquid acrylic resin become solid when exposed to light.
Going forward the Tokyo Business Office will continue to host events such as this for students to engage their interest in chemistry while learning more about Nippon Kayaku.

Tokyo R&D Administration Office

Tokyo R&D Administration Office Head office
Hosted by Japan Chemical Industry Association (JCIA)
~The Summer Children's Science Experiment Show~ Experience-based Classroom

Nippon Kayaku participated in the Summer Children's Science Experiment Show for elementary school students held for two days between August 3 and 4 at the Science Museum (Kudanshita, Tokyo) and more than 200 children took part.

With the theme, “A Shiny Key Holder Made of Resin: The Riddle of a Strange Liquid That Hardens in the Light,” we made objects using acrylic resin for photo-setting. This was the first time we made photo-setting resin our theme for the Summer Children's Science Experiment Show. The children had fun and cheered when they finished making unique key holders using shiny beads and a decal of Kayakuma the Bear.

  • Tokyo R&D Administration Office Head office
  • Tokyo R&D Administration Office Head office

Polatechno Co., Ltd
Joetsu Science Museum in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture
Held a science class using polarizing film

The Joetsu Science Museum in Joetsu City, Niigata Prefecture, where Polatechno Co., Ltd. is located, is hosting an exhibit where patrons can experience and enjoy the themes of human science and the science of snow through nine zones involving seeing, touching and checking. During this event, Polatechno provided polarizing film so children could enjoy science handicrafts at its paper cup kaleidoscope booth as part of the Science Plaza held in May 2016.

Polatechno Co., Ltd

Continuing Education Support at KSM

KSM has been offering an educational support program for the children of employees since 2014 because it is committed to the welfare of its employees. In August 2019, the company held an event to aid the education of 29 children of employees.
Each child participating in the event drew a picture containing Nippon Kayaku's mascot, Kayakuma the Bear, on such themes as “Safety First,” “Superior Quality,” “The KAYAKU spirit, the Nippon Kayaku Group's corporate vision,” and “Care for the Global Environment.” Then, at the end of the event, we gave the children backpacks containing a set of necessary school supplies to reduce the burden on their caretakers when they go to school.

  •  KSM is a group company in Mexico that manufactures automotive safety components.
  • Continuing educational support at KSMGroup photo of everyone holding their school supply presents
  • Continuing educational support at KSM
  • Continuing educational support at KSM

Initiatives in Local Communities

The Nippon Kayaku Group strives to foster understanding of its business activities in local communities through festivals and open houses at its plants and facilities, educational programs, donations and other forms of support, blood drives, pink ribbon campaigns, clean-up campaigns, and round-table discussions.

Going forward, we will organize various platforms to proactively engage with the local residents as part of our goal of becoming a company that is closely rooted in the local community.

Nippon Kayaku's Agreements with Local Authorities

Business Site Agreement Local Authority
Fukuyama Plant Agreement on environmental pollution control Hiroshima Prefecture and Fukuyama City
Asa Plant Agreement on water pollution control Yamaguchi Prefectural Fisheries Cooperative
Agreement on environmental protection Sanyo-Onoda City
Tokyo Plant Green agreement Adachi City
Agreement on establishing Colored Effluent Issue Council Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of Sewerage No. 2 Control Office
Agreement on mutual disaster relief support in case of an earthquake Shinden Neighborhood Association and Shinden 1-chome Residents' Association in Adachi City
Agreement to provide the general public with access to a small water pump storage facility Senju Fire Department
Tokyo Business Office Provision of fire fighting facilities
1. Provision of water for firefighting
2. Deployment of a boat for rescues
3. Fire fighting group cooperation site
4. Use of rooftop as a lookout
Tokyo Fire Department Akabane Fire Station
Takasaki Plant Agreement on assistance from voluntary fire fighting brigade Regional fire departments including Takasaki City
Himeji Plant Memorandum on effluent control Himeji City
Kashima Plant Agreement on environmental pollution control Ibaraki Prefecture, Kashima City, Kamisu City

Piece of our activities


Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. (KSE)※1
The 5th Pink Ribbon Day was successful!

Pink Ribbon Day, a campaign focusing on the prevention of breast cancer, was held on 11 October in the Vsetin region with the non-profit organization ZO ONKO-DUHA※2 Vsetin. Several institutions including the Secondary Medical School, Masaryk Public Library Vsetin and the Vsetin Hospital, participated in this event. Employees of KSE also supported the campaign adorned in pink clothing and accessories for the day.
This year, the regional TV broadcasted a post in which a Vsetin surgeon and the chairwoman of ZO ONKO-DUHA Vsetin spoke about the importance of breast cancer prevention and periodicary self-examinations and to continue this event as long as there is some people who believe that the threat does not concerenthem and never will.
In total, roughly three thousand residents of Vsetin and surrounding areas were asked to voluntarily participate in the event.
Aside from the informative disease awareness leaflets, participants were given a pink scarf to remind women of the necessity of regular self-examinations, which can be done at home as an alternative to an examination in a mammographic centre.

  • ※1 Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. (KSE), located in the Czech Republic, engages in the manufacture and sale of automobile safety components
  • ※2 ZO ONKO-DUHA Vsetin is the Vsetin branch of SPCCH (an organization for breast cancer patients in the Czech Republic), which in turn is an organization to which KSE has been providing financial assistance since 2015.

Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.
Pink Ribbon Campaign activities

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, KSM had a Pink Ribbon Campaign that includes conferences for all its employees to raise awareness about early detection and how to do self-tests, and they can share this information with their families.
In 2019, the conferences were held by members of the Red Cross (Mexican Red Cross), Alejandra Aguilera and Carmen Muñoz.
During the conference, the importance of breast cancer screening, how to carry out the self-test, the stages and types of breast cancer, and recommendations on how to have a healthier lifestyle were highlighted. Also a member of the Cruz Rosa, Esperanza Gómez taught us how you can check a breast cancer by yourself by using a silicon breast sample. At the end, a brochure with information of breast cancer was delivered as well as a pink towel to each of our collaborators.

  • Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Pink Ribbon Campaign activities
  • Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Pink Ribbon Campaign activities
  • Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. Pink Ribbon Campaign activities

KSEKSE employees supported Children’s home

Representatives of Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. handed the amazing amount of CZK 30,137 over to children from the Children’s Home in Valasske Mezirici in December, 2019. It was an excellent Christmas present for the children who can´t live with their families.
The amount of CZK 25 137 was collected by KSE employees in the company cash collection, CZK 5 T was a company donation. This financial contribution is to be used for leisure activities of children, e.g. visit of a cinema, trip to the ZOO or for other activities outside the Children’s Home, which cannot not be normally afforded by the Home.
Neither the Home’s management nor its children hid their excitement about the financial gift and thanks to their approach they all created a friendly atmosphere. It is adorable that there are people at our company who are willing to help those, who were not lucky enough to grow up in a functioning family.
The amount of KSE annual sponsorship is CZK 1 mil. This money is divided between a local hospital, charities, sport clubs for youth, schools and other educational and cultural activities.

  • KSE employees supported Children´s home
  • KSE employees supported Children´s home
  • KSE employees supported Children´s home

KMYKMY’s First Blood Drive

In cooperation with the nearby Tunku Jaafar Hospital Blood Bank Centre, KMY held its first in-house blood drive in November 2019. This came about because the needs of the Blood Bank Centre matched up with KMY’s desire to contribute to the local community.
On that day, about 50 employees gave blood in response to the Human Resources Department’s call for donors. We would be glad if, through this program, we are able to help as many people who need blood as possible.
Before making their blood donation, employees received a Health Talk and health consultation from a doctor. Many employees paid attention and used the opportunity to consider the state of their own health.
Although this was the first blood drive, we plan to hold them regularly from now on, as we want to contribute to local communities and to help upgrade employee’s health.

  • KMY’s First Blood Drive
  • KMY’s First Blood Drive

Click here to learn about past programs

■Nippon Kayaku

Fukuyama Plant
Opening up tennis courts to the public

The Fukuyama Plant has a LED-lit multi-purpose ground (baseball and soccer field) for sports recreation, five tennis courts, a club house "Ikoi" fully equipped with shower facilities and lounge rooms, which are open to the public.

The recreational grounds host numerous baseball, soccer, and tennis practices and games throughout the year. Especially the use of the tennis courts regardless of the time of day or night makes up more than a half of the total number of users. Once a year, the Nippon Kayaku Tennis Tournament hosted by the Plant's Tennis Club takes place, drawing over 60 participants ranging from students to seniors.

Products manufactured at the Fukuyama Plant were also on display at the 20th Nippon Kayaku Tennis Tournament in 2017 to showcase their functions, while many novelty goods were given out to participants.

We strive to take a proactive approach to establishing closer ties with local communities under the slogan of "contributing to coexistence with the local community and its development through communication with its residents".

Kayakku Safety Systems Malaysia Sdn.Bhd. Relationship Building with the Local Community

Tokyo Plante
Hosting internships for High School Students

The Tokyo Plante offers internships to local students every year. For FY2017, a student from Suginami Technical High School was chosen for a one-week internship from November 9 to 15.

The intern student worked in the Quality Assurance Department and the Technical Section of the Manufacturing Department during their time here. The tasks involved presented many challenges for him due to the specialized nature, but he eagerly worked on his assignments, while taking notes of what he learned.

Having the opportunity to spend time in a workplace filled with scientific equipment seems to provide interns with a fresh perspective, compared to the classroom environment they are used to. The Tokyo plans to continue this internship program in order to provide more students with an opportunity to experience what it is like to hold a position in a real life workplace.

Nippon Kayaku Tokyo Co., Ltd. Hosting internships for High School Students

Fukuyama Plant

Every year, the Fukuyama Plant hosts high school interns. In fiscal 2018, the manufacturing department accepted three students for a four-day work experience.  They seemed very tense as they worked continuously, which is not something they normally do in high school, but we were impressed with their diligence, as they did not hesitate to ask questions when they did not understand something. We hope that what they experienced and felt during their internships will help them in choosing their future career paths.

The Fukuyama Plant will continue offering internships so that it can help educate young people about occupational and work values.

Fukuyama Plant Internships

Takasaki Plant and Gunnan Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Potato Digging Event with Local Nursery School Students

The Takasaki Plant is using an empty part of the site of its company housing to create a field for growing potatoes. Every year in the spring employees of Gunnan Sangyo plant seed potatoes and then students from the local Iwahana Nursery School are invited to help dig them up at harvest time

On November 14, 2018, we held a potato-digging event on a warm sunny day. About 50 children diligently dug up potatoes, and a lot of sweet potatoes were harvested that day. We observed their excitement when they found sweet potatoes of various shapes and sizes, and hoped that this would be one more happy memory for them to cherish. We will continue to hold potato-digging excursions.

Takasaki Plant and Gunnan Sangyo Co., Ltd. Potato Digging Event with Local Nursery School Students

■Group companies

Polatechno Co., Ltd.
Wrap Advertising on a Train

With its 25th anniversary in July 2016, Polatechno asked the local Echigo Tokimeki Railway to operate a train featuring the Polatechno logo for a two year period starting in July 2015.

Polatechno asked local high school students with the Construction & Design Department of Joetsu Sogo Gijutsu High School to design the wrap advertisement for the train. Of the five proposals, a vote was taken within the company that determined the winning design to be the one with the seven-colored ray of light connecting the world depicted with a blue color reminiscent of the sky.
On July 28, 2015, the train featuring the Polatechno logo was rolled out at a special departure ceremony held at Naoetsu Station and attended by many stakeholders and members of the media.

Wrap Advertising on a Train

Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s.(KSE)
KSE Safety Days

The first of the event called Safety Days, which was held in Vsetin on May 18-20, 2018, and was organized by KSE in cooperation with the town of Vsetin, brought an experience program focused on road traffic safety to the town. The event and the entire week included a presentation at Vsetin library, short films at the Vsetin cinema, and a creative competition for primary school pupils and preschoolers. Event visitors could take a look at the KSE products displayed on the model of the Škoda Kodiaq car. Both children and adults had the opportunity to try an impact and swing simulation, an obstacle course, or a pump truck. There was also a demonstration of the process of rescuing passengers from crashed vehicles by the Vsetin Fire brigade.
Vsetin’s Municipal Police provided visitors with information about how to use protective equipment and how to secure bicycles against theft. The Czech Red Cross, in cooperation with the Zlin Region's Health Rescue Service, provided guidance on how to deal with injuries. The importance of the passive safety features produced by KSE was highlighted.

  • Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s.(KSE) Safety Days
  • Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s.(KSE) Safety Days

Nikka Fine Techno Co., Ltd.
Activities to deepen interaction with the local community

Nikka Fine Techno Co., Ltd. is the only domestic trading company under the Nippon Kayaku Group. One of its business locations is the Hokuriku Office situated in the city of Fukui.

Fukui is a quaint, historic town. The Fukui Cherry Blossom Festival held from early to mid April each year is an event that illustrates the charm of the city, with the 33rd festival taking place in 2018. The meticulously planned festival attracts many visitors every year under the themes of history, culture, nature, and cuisine. The main event, the Echizen Historical Costume Parade , features a reenactment of historical figures right out of an illustrated handscroll of history, including hometown heroes such as Shibata Katsuie and others, as well as Oichi no Kata, and her three princesses, with an elegant and glorious display of feminine beauty.

The festival features a free drop-in parade as well as an activity area, allowing everyone to enjoy the festivities at their own pace. Nikka Fine Techno is a sponsor of the Fukui Cherry Blossom Festival, as we are committed to conducting activities that foster bonds within the local community.

Nikka Fine Techno Co., Ltd. Activities to deepen interaction with the local community

Kowa Sangyou Co., Ltd.
Supporting activities of local fire company

About 10% of our employees at Kowa Sangyou serve as volunteer firefighters for the local fire brigade. The main roles of volunteer firefighters are to take part in disaster prevention training, firefighting equipment training, home fireproofing diagnosis for seniors, as well as provide support to firefighters on site in guiding evacuations at the time of an actual fire.

Volunteer firefighters mainly train on Saturdays and Sundays, but during a fire on a weekday, these volunteers take a day off to help on site. In 2010, these firemen worked long periods during the heavy rains in Asa. In addition, as safety is regarded as the first priority at work, the firefighting knowledge and safety awareness of the volunteer firefighters is very helpful. These men also share the techniques from their daily training with other employees during the workplace disaster prevention drill held twice a year.

Our company became certified as a Fire Brigade Partner Business by the Fire and Disaster Management Agency in 2012 as a result of our years of efforts to promote company wide recognition for granting and receiving special leaves of absence to fulfill firefighting demands and responses to disasters.

Moreover, in March 2018, we received a community activity award for firefighting from the Commissioner of the Fire and Disaster Management Agency . In fiscal 2017, this award went to a total of 13 business offices in Japan, while it was the first time for a company within the jurisdiction of Ube, Sanyo-Onoda Fire Department , to receive the award.

Kowa Sangyou will continue to support local fire fighting activities in the hope of contributing to the local community.

Kowa Sangyou Co., Ltd. Supporting activities of local fire company
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