With Our Shareholders and Investors

Nippon Kayaku strives to earn the trust of all stakeholders and to continue to be an essential part of society. In order to achieve that, we have established Disclosure Policy and are disclosing information to our shareholders, investors and other stakeholders in a timely, fair and equitable manner.

Disclosure Policy

Communicating with Investors

The Nippon Kayaku Group holds its ordinary general meeting of shareholders every year in June as a venue for communicating with its shareholders.
To provide our shareholders with business reports and voting resolutions in a more timely and easy to understand fashion, we are digitizing meeting notices and providing English-language meeting notices on our Company website, and are moving up the dates that we send out meeting notices and provide electronic disclosure.
Also, we are trying to make it easier for our shareholders to exercise their voting rights by installing an electronic voting system whereby shareholders may cast their votes on smartphones and the internet if they are not submitting a voting form.
We send out a business report every six months so that our shareholders can stay informed about our businesses and other topics.

Notice of the 163rd General Meeting of Shareholders and Reference Documents for General Meeting of Shareholders

  • General meeting of shareholdersGeneral meeting of shareholders

Communication with Institutional Investors and Securities Analysts

Holding IR meetings and telephone conferences about financial results

Nippon Kayaku Group holds IR meetings and telephone conferences about financial results for institutional investors and securities analysts. President and all Managing Director attend IR meetings, which are held after the second quarter and annual financial results, to explain our financial results and forecasts, as well as the policies and progress of our Mid-term business plan. In addition, telephone conferences are held during the first and third quarters of the fiscal year to explain business conditions and answer questions from guests.

IR calendar

Earnings Presentations in fiscal 2019

Earnings Presentations in fiscal 2019

One-on-one Meetings

We hold one-on-one meetings to communicate directly with institutional investors and securities analysts.

Open House Tours at Plants and Round-table Conferences with Investors

Nippon Kayaku host open house tours of our plants and round-table conferences for institutional investors and securities analysts every year, to promote better understanding of Nippon Kayaku's business activities.

Website development

The Nippon Kayaku website has business and solution, product, IR information, CSR information, company information, etc.
We quickly post information especially about investor relations, including management policy, financial, quarterly financial results briefings, integrated reports for our shareholders and investors 's solid understanding.

Investor relations

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