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Current Nippon Kayaku Group Products and Future Technologies and Products Supporting an Affluent Lifestyle

The Nippon Kayaku Group has adopted a corporate slogan called Global "sukima" ideas and is striving to develop Nippon Kayaku into a company that the world truly needs, by developing high value added products with unique technologies that stand out in niche markets and elsewhere.

CSR Activities Fulfilling Economic Responsibilities

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The Nippon Kayaku Group's Businesses

This section will take a closer look at the 4 core businesses of the Nippon Kayaku Group as well as products that they developed with unique technologies that contribute to the betterment of society.

Smart Chemicals Company

Functional Chemicals Business

We will contribute to society by supplying unique functional chemicals for the IT, ICT and resource conservation fields

The Functional Chemicals Business Group provides environmentally-friendly products utilizing our technologies in resins, pigments, catalysts, optical processing and X-rays to numerous fields such as ICT, digital printing, energy and resource conservation, and sensing. while also actively working to reduce CO2 emissions and its impact on the environment. We will continue to make contributions to achieving the SDGs and a realizing a super-smart society by supporting the IoT and diverse mobility ensuring a safe and secure life for people , and providing distinctive functional chemicals that can meet the needs of our customers and society.

Functional Chemicals Business

environmentally friendly NC-3000 series

Pharmaceuticals Business

We are contributing to society through improved medical care by promoting innovations in our proprietary technologies and by providing a stable supply of and information about high-quality pharmaceutical products.

The Pharmaceuticals Business is engaged in drug discovery research and development using biotechnology and polymer technology. In addition, we are advancing research and development focusing on biosimilar monoclonal antibodies and generic pharmaceuticals in the cancer field.

We aim to contribute to society through improved medical care by promoting innovations in our proprietary technologies and by providing a stable supply of and information about high-quality pharmaceutical products.

Pharmaceuticals Business


Safety Systems Business

Through explosives technology applications, we help protect lives during auto collisions throughout the world

Global vehicle production is expected to continue to grow. In addition, safety components that protect passengers and pedestrians involved in auto collisions are rapidly spreading beyond the developed countries to the developing countries as well. The Safety Systems Business manufactures and marketsuses explosives technology, on which the Company was founded, in its automotive safety components, providing such product that employ explosives technology as inflators and micro gas generators, which are incorporated in such automotive safety components as air bags, seatbelt pretensioners, and hood-opening devices that protect pedestrians. The Safety Systems Business's products are manufactured not only in Japan, but also in the Czech Republic, China, Mexico, and Malaysia, and are used by auto manufacturers almost worldwide. The Safety Systems Business's products are helping to save people's lives in auto accidents everywhere.

Safety Systems Business

Safety Systems Business

Agrochemicals Business

We will contribute to society by supplying safe agrochemical preparations technology that are compatible with the environment and indispensable to stable food production

The environment surrounding agriculture is becoming more severe with each passing year, marked by food supply issues caused by the rising world population, issues with food self-sufficiency rate, and increasing crop damage from disease and pests. Such an environment requires that safe and secure agricultural crops be grown consistently and brought to market in a stable manner.

In June 2018, we launched our new insecticide, FINESAVE®. It is receiving rave reviews from the market as an insecticide that works on thrips and other pesticide-resistant insects, along with our spiracle-blocking agent, Fumon®, which is effective in overall pest control and does not rely only on a chemical pesticide.

Agrochemicals Business

Agrochemicals Business

Interns from Overseas

Nippon Kayaku hosts interns from both domestic and overseas universities. Interns engage in various activities at Nippon Kayaku's laboratories with a focus on research and development, while also learning about corporate activities and Japanese culture. At the same time our employees receive a boost in terms of motivation and stimulation by working together with these young interns. Going forward, through these internships, we will continue to globalize our corporate culture and contribute to international exchange for people of Japan.

  • Interns from Overseas

Exchange within the Nippon Kayaku Group

Meeting of the Movement of Tomorrow

The 61st Meeting of the Movement of Tomorrow, scheduled to take place in 2020, was postponed in view of the rapid spread of the coronavirus from the end of last year.

As a result of exploring whether the entire Nippon Kayaku Group could work on something at a time when it was difficult to hold an event with large numbers of people both in Japan and overseas, we produced a summary of our response to COVID-19 and created videos which introduced the business sites. Both this summary and videos were sent out to all business sites.

The summary outlines how each business site is carrying out necessary measures to prevent coronavirus infections and how they are continuing to work. It also serves as a good reference as it shows those business sites which are taking extremely good measures. The video shows how people are working in their respective locations and environment. It is hoped that it will attract interest in other departments which in turn will help motivate employees and produce better lines of communication. As such, the videos which were produced at each business site have been put onto a DVD and sent out to other locations within the Group.

We are looking at ways to put on next year's meeting, and we sincerely hope that it can go ahead as a place where Nippon Kayaku Group employees can come together as soon as possible.

  • The Meeting of the Movement for Tomorrow
  • The Meeting of the Movement for Tomorrow

KAYAKU spirit Dream and Drive("Kaizen")ActivitiesThe exchange meeting

This year's Dream and Drive (D&D) exchange meeting was scheduled to be held in February 2021 but as with the Meeting of the Movement of Tomorrow it was postponed owing to the pandemic.

The purpose of the D&D exchange meeting is to give a rough idea of people’s thoughts and concerns about D&D activities in the workplace. As such, it is a small-scale meeting mainly for the plant departments where all participants can talk honestly and openly. Participants particularly like the fact that they can easily exchange opinions and share information as they can easily talk in small groups. In 2020, it became difficult to hold the event as usual, so we considered holding it online. However, we decided to cancel it as we thought that the benefits that come from the face-to-face meeting could not be realized online. We would like to hold the exchange meeting in 2021 and make it so that the session will be a more active D&D activity.

  • KAYAKU spirit Dream and Drive is an improvement activity that focuses on the ingenuity and innovation of all employees to resolve issues in the workplace independently under the banner of CSR management.
  • D&D Activities * The exchange meeting
  • D&D Activities * The exchange meeting
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