Fulfilling Our Responsibility to Society

The Nippon Kayaku Group continually carries out CSR activities that foster trust among all of its stakeholders, including customers, business partners, employees, shareholders, society and local communities.

Initiatives with Our Customers

The Nippon Kayaku Group continually strives to develop sound products and services that are both safe and reliable in order to provide the best possible solutions to its customers around the world.

Initiatives with Our Business Partners and Investors

The Nippon Kayaku Group proactively communicates with its suppliers, medical institutions, and investors.

Initiatives with Society

The Nippon Kayaku Group dynamically communicates with local communities with the goal of becoming a company closely rooted in the community.

Initiatives in Local Communities

We host factory festivals, open our facilities to the public, take part in community clean-up events, as well as roundtable discussions in foster understanding about the Nippon Kayaku Group among members of local communities.

Initiatives with Our Employees

The Nippon Kayaku Group provides workplaces where employees can contribute to society through their achievements and work comfortably with peace of mind.


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