Respect for human rights and the KAYAKU spirit

The words "combined forces of our consciences" can be found in the fundamental philosophy of our KAYAKU spirit. We believe that the fundamental principle of our corporate management is respect for the human rights of everyone, be they employees or business partners, in all aspects of our corporate activities, and the mutually combined forces of our consciences.

Respect for Human Rights

The Nippon Kayaku Group Charter of Conduct, which constitutes the Group’s principles of conduct, stipulates respect for the basic human rights, diversity, character, and individuality of individuals in all its business activities. Furthermore, Chapter 1-5. of the Nippon Kayaku Group Code of Conduct states that we respect internationally recognized human rights and recognize and respect diversity in regard to gender, age, nationality, race, religion, disability, ethnicity, skin coloring, culture, philosophy, beliefs, political views, and gender orientation, and this is considered to be a principle of conduct for all employees throughout the entire group.In addition, we never allow any unfair labor practice,including forced labor and child labor.

Human Rights Initiatives for Employees

The Nippon Kayaku Group has established an Ethics Committee chaired by the head of the Administration Group, which deliberates on various issues related to the prevention of workplace harassment and human rights violations. The committee sponsors training sessions with guest speakers and other types of educational sessions, such as e-learning and work-level based training for managers and employees alike to educate them about human rights and how to prevent power, sexual, or maternity harassment and to further their understanding of LGBT people. Nippon Kayaku is committed to creating a vibrant workplace environment by continuously striving for employee diversity and inclusion.

Human Rights Considerations in CSR Procurement

As the Nippon Kayaku Group strives to achieve a sustainable society with everyone in its supply chain, its procurement activities take into consideration such aspects of CSR as respect for human rights, environmental protection, workplace health and safety, legal compliance, and fair business dealings.
The Nippon Kayaku Group Basic Procurement Policy, which is the Company’s basic stance regarding CSR procurement, has been formulated so that procurement practices align with CSR management, and CSR procurement decisions are made based on the Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct. To improve understanding of the Nippon Kayaku Group's Basic Procurement Policy, documents are sent out each year by mail to key business partners with trading volumes over a certain amount. Moreover, “Chapter 2. Human Rights and Labor” of the CSR Procurement Guidelines, which prohibits all forms of discrimination, specifically stipulates that inhumane treatment, discrimination, forced labor, and child labor are all prohibited. Along with our business partners, we are striving to engage in procurement activities that take human rights into consideration.

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