CSR Management

The Nippon Kayaku Group is implementing CSR management that fosters trust among all stakeholders through its focus on the KAYAKU spirit.

Our Corporate Vision and CSR Management

The KAYAKU spirit is considered as a common philosophy guiding the entire Nippon Kayaku Group globally and, with this in mind, we are carrying out various initiatives aimed at realizing CSR management.

Respect for human rights and the KAYAKU spirit

We respect human rights of everyone, be they employees or business partners, in all aspects of our corporate activities, and the mutually combined forces of our consciences.

Key Themes ("Materiality") and Our Action Plan

Our Mid-term CSR Action Plan is made known to all employees and executive officers who together carry out integrated initiatives to enhance awareness about CSR management.

Corporate Governance

We have established an autonomous governance system that ensures management transparency.


We are strengthening compliance initiatives around the world under the goal of becoming a company trusted by society.

Risk Management

We strive to reduce risk by ascertaining and controlling the various risks that companies encounter.

The Nippon Kayaku Group's Commitment to CSR

We introduce the CSR Commitment of each company in the Nippon Kayaku Group.

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