Message From the President


“We will adhere to our corporate vision, the KAYAKU spirit, and continue to make contributions to a sustainable society and environment through our corporate activities”

The Nippon Kayaku Group’s corporate vision is to “continuously provide society with the best products, through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences ”(the KAYAKU spirit). The KAYAKU spirit is the group-wide philosophy of the Nippon Kayaku Group; to bring together the good intentions of each and every person, “combining the forces of our consciences,” in order to enable each person and group to continuously grow and make “ceaseless progress,” so we may consistently provide the “best products” needed by the world and contribute to our society.

In order to realize the KAYAKU spirit and fulfill our oath to our stakeholders, the Nippon Kayaku Group has identified core CSR issues (materiality), and is operating in accordance with our Mid-term CSR Action Plan, which covers the mid-to-long term actions to resolve those issues. Some basic information regarding our key CSR materiality activities is listed in the CSR Report booklet, and more detailed information are available on our website. Please look through them both in order to understand our group’s CSR management.

Envisioning the KAYAKU spirit, I especially value the “combined forces of our consciences.” In order to realize the KAYAKU spirit, my goal is to make the Nippon Kayaku Group a company where all of our employees can feel well-being through their work. Along with maintaining financial stability and a safe work environment, it is also extremely important to feel fulfillment from one’s work, such as the feeling of self-growth, trust in others, and being able to make a contribution. I will work towards creating an environment where each of our employees, feeling well-being from their work, can care for each other and cooperate in order to achieve larger goals, and lead the way so that each and every employee of the Nippon Kayaku Group can take a sincere look at how they may contribute to a sustainable society, and work together towards those goals to make the Nippon Kayaku Group a company that is needed by our society.

Our world currently has many issues at hand, such as those brought up in the “Paris Agreement” on climate change and the “Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)” of the UN. In our core business fields, the need for environmentally friendly chemical materials (better performance with lower energy and resource consumption) continues to grow as our world continues to develop as an “advanced IT society”, such as the growth of IoT. In the medical field, the increase in costs for medical care continues to be a problem for our society. And the need for safer cars is more important than ever, as our society continues to become even more reliant on automobiles around the world. The Nippon Kayaku Group consists of the Functional Chemicals Group, Pharmaceuticals Group, Safety Systems Group, and the Agrochemicals Group, and is working in all fields in effort to resolve these issues.

On the other hand, we in the chemicals industry must also operate while keeping long term risks to, and opportunities to make improvements for the environment as well. These are not easy tasks to realize. Following our corporate slogan, “Sukima ideas”, my aim is to maintain a flexible and diverse approach to find out how to achieve our goals, instead of focusing on why they cannot be done, in order to keep contributing necessary values to society through our business activities.

Starting towards the end of FY2019, the COVID-19 epidemic has impacted us on a global level. The Nippon Kayaku Group is working hard to stay on top of global trends in order to ensure safety of our employees and minimizing impact to our company. However, with this situation in mind, I would also like for us to take another look at what we need to work on most to contribute to the sustainable society and environment.

Currently, our management, business groups, and operating departments are all working together to identify our “ideal image.” With the global economy’s future being unclear right now, we must be able to keep up with major changes to our work and societal environments. In order to do so, I will also reassess the “ideal image” a sustainable society needs to us be, what values we can contribute through our business activities, and how to realize those contributions in a timely manner.

We will also continue to be thorough with corporate governance and compliance, and enhance our corporate value through the practice of CSR-centered management with a high degree of ethics in order to maintain a safe and secure work environment, and promote human resource development along with diversity in the work place.

To our stakeholders, I sincerely ask for your continued support as we continue on with our efforts.

President Atsuhiro Wakumoto

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