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「Safeguarding the life and health of consumers, and supporting a comfortable life」 

Nippon Kayaku is continuously working to further evolve our unique and original technologies to keep ahead of the changing times, in order to help achieve a sustainable society and environment. My name is Atsuhiro Wakumoto. I was appointed president of Nippon Kayaku as of June 25, 2019. I am honored to be serving in this new role for our company, and I would like to say a few words to go along with the release of our CSR Report for 2019.

 The Nippon Kayaku Group's corporate vision is to "continuously provide society with the best products, through ceaseless progress and the combined forces of our consciences" (the KAYAKU spirit). The origin of this vision dates back to the corporate mottos of "combined forces of our consciences," "ceaseless progress," and "the best products," which were established by our third president, Yasusaburo Hara, who was long involved in the management of our company after its founding in 1916. This is our group-wide philosophy that supports each and every employee of the Nippon Kayaku Group; to bring together the good intentions of each and every person, "combining the forces of our consciences," in order to enable each person and group to continuously grow and make "ceaseless progress," so that we may consistently provide the "best products" needed by the world and contribute to our society.

We have passed down this KAYAKU spirit since the foundation of our company, and have always conducted our business with the sincere aim of being a contributing asset for people around the world. This core DNA of ours, inherited from our predecessors, has not changed throughout the years, and it continues to be the source of our motivation and strength to keep growing.

Our world currently has many issues at hand, such as those brought up in the "Paris Agreement" on climate change and the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" of the UN. These include shortages of food and water due to the increasing population, such labor issues as child labor, and global warming, just to name a few. In our core business fields, the need for environmentally friendly chemical materials (better performance with lower energy and resource consumption) continues to grow as our world continues to develop as an "advanced IT society." In the medical field, the increasing cost of medical care continues to be a problem for our society. And the need for safer cars is more important than ever, as society continues to become even more reliant on automobiles around the world.

We at the Nippon Kayaku Group are committed to addressing these social issues head-on, with the same sincere motivation we have always held as a company that serves as a public institution of society. Utilizing our strengths as a company that evolves along with the needs of the times, we will continue to create and provide shared values to society through our core businesses. These include the Functional Chemicals Business, which supports our super-smart society with low environmental impact functional materials made possible with our colorant and resin technologies; the Pharmaceuticals Business, where we contribute to lower medical costs and improved patient QOL with anti-cancer drugs and biosimilars; the Safety Systems Business, which safeguards people's safety by providing stable supplies of automotive safety components worldwide; and the Agrochemicals Business, where we help to solve food issues through stable agricultural production.
We will also continue to enhance our corporate value by practicing CSR-centered management with a high degree of ethics, in order to maintain a safe and secure work environment, and to promote human resource development along with diversity in the work place. To our stakeholders, I sincerely ask for your continued support as we continue our efforts.

QOL:Quality of Life

President Atsuhiro Wakumoto

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