The Nippon Kayaku Group's Commitment to CSR

The Nippon Kayaku Group has business operations in twelve countries around the world, comprising a total of 35 group companies, 13 in Japan and 22 overseas. This section presents the unified CSR commitment of the 31 consolidated group companies.

JapanFunctional Chemicals Group
Hitoshi Sasakawa, CEO & Representative Director & President, Polatechno Co., Ltd.

On October 1, 2020, Polatechno embarked on a new start as the Nippon Kayaku Joetsu Plant. Carrying forward our specialization as a "Light Control Business," we will expand our business with the aim of offering distinctive products that assist people worldwide in many scenarios.
At the Joetsu Plant, we recycle water, recycle and reuse liquids and other wastes, and detoxify exhaust gas, among our actions aimed at realizing a better global environment.
We will continue producing distinctive products at this energy-saving and eco-friendly plant to keep contributing to society.

Hitoshi Sasakawa, CEO & Representative Director & President, Polatechno Co., Ltd.

JapanFunctional Chemicals Group
Hirotsugu Tsubouchi, Representative Director & President, NIKKA FINE TECHNO Co., Ltd.

Nikka Fine Techno is the only domestic trading company in the Nippon Kayaku Group. We strive to be a helpful trading company that immediately accommodates our customers' wishes, and we market not only the Nippon Kayaku Group's products but also the best goods and materials carefully chosen from a broad range of available products in the market. So that our customers will feel comfortable using our products, we market only goods that have passed checks that are stricter than those required by safety, quality, and legal standards. This is why our employees work together as a team in pursuing corporate activities according to the Company's Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct. Our goal is to realize the KAYAKU spirit and achieve sustainable growth with CSR management that meets the expectations of all of our stakeholders and earns their trust.

Hirotsugu Tsubouchi, Representative Director & President, NIKKA FINE TECHNO Co., Ltd.

JapanFunctional Chemicals Group
Kazuki Uchida, Representative Director & President, Kowa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Kowa Sangyo performs contract manufacturing work at Nippon Kayaku's Asa Plant. Specifically, our main safety and health initiatives entail using interactive training tools to further improve employee education with first-hands experiences or simulations of dangerous situations. We also believe that we can help provide some help in the event of an emergency be offering training in first aid and AED use and by supporting local fire departments.
The Wasshoi! Kayaku Festival that we co-sponsor with the Asa Plant every November has become an annual community event. We hope that all of our employees will be able to continue contributing to the community through their corporate activities.

Kazuki Uchida, Representative Director & President, Kowa Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Japan Functional Chemicals Group
Keitaro Tada, CEO, Teikoku Taping System Co., Ltd.

Teikoku Taping System (TTS), which joined the Nippon Kayaku Group on April 1, 2021, is a company that designs, develops, manufactures, markets, and maintains semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The TTS Values contained in our Corporate Philosophy clearly express what sort of company we should strive to be, the goals we should tackle, and our basic concepts of management. Maintaining an awareness of CSR activities, we will tackle our everyday work and all of our activities through these TTS Values.

Keitaro Tada, CEO, Teikoku Taping System Co., Ltd.

JapanPharmaceuticals Group
Tomomasa Tsuchibuchi, Representative Director & President, NIPPONKAYAKU FOOD TECHNO CO., LTD.

NIPPONKAYAKU FOOD TECHNO CO., LTD. manufactures and sells food preservatives and other products. As part of our CSR-centered management, we aim to contribute to society through the provision of highly valuable services and excellent products that emphasize food safety and healthy diets. As a member of the Nippon Kayaku Group, each and every employee abides by the Nippon Kayaku Group Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct, following an esteemed set of ethical values with safe operations, compliance and environmental consciousness receiving top priority to realize the KAYAKU spirit. With this stance, we are working to develop new fields in the food industry, and live up to the trust and expectations of our customers.

Tomomasa Tsuchibuchi, Representative Director & President, NIPPONKAYAKU FOOD TECHNO CO., LTD.

JapanPharmaceuticals Business
Daisuke Funagoshi, Representative Director & President, Gunnan Sangyo Co., Ltd.

Gunnan Sangyo provides the security, landscaping and janitorial services for the Takasaki Plant, and is responsible for the property management of Hisho, the training center for the employees of the Nippon Kayaku Group. We are working to carry out CSR activities by providing a more comfortable environment for local residents, the people that work at Takasaki Plant and the training center.

Representative Director & President Daisuke Funagoshi Gunnan Sangyo Co., Ltd.

JapanPharmaceuticals Business
Koichi Ono, Representative Director & President, Tumor Diagnosis Support Co., Ltd.

The Tumor Diagnosis in Tumor Diagnosis Support stands for tumor diagnosis. We support the diagnosis of pathological tissue found in mammary glands. Today, breast cancer has the highest prevalence rate of any cancer for women. However, breast cancer is believed to be an extremely difficult type of cancer to diagnose accurately with pathological tissue. Without the right diagnosis, a patient will not be able to receive the most effective treatment. As part of The Nippon Kayaku Group's Commitment to CSR management, Tumor Diagnosis Support is working day in and day out to contribute to an environment where breast cancer patients can receive treatment with the best possible outcome.

Koichi Ono, Representative Director & President,Tumor Diagnosis Support Co., Ltd.

JapanOther Businesses
Nobuhisa Nakano, Representative Director & President, Wako Toshi Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

Wako Toshi Kaihatsu engages in the real estate leasing business. We own land and a six-story building located in front of Wakoshi Station in Saitama Prefecture, which is leased to retailer Itoyokado's Wako store. We also lease two company housing buildings and one employee dormitory to Nippon Kayaku, as well as the building used for Asunaro House, a facility for supporting families of children with intractable diseases such as pediatric cancer, or who require bone marrow transplants and are being treated at specialist institutions. Our facilities, including Asunaro House, are used by a large number of people, and this is why we strive to continually update and upgrade each to ensure user safety and comfort.

Nobuhisa Nakano, Representative Director & President, Wako Toshi Kaihatsu Co., Ltd.

JapanOther Businesses
Naoki Shiota, Representative Director & President, JHMS Co., Ltd.

Japan Human Resources Medical Science Research Institute (JHMS) is active as a company providing comprehensive business support solutions, particularly in healthcare-related fields. We are developing various contract businesses within the Nippon Kayaku Tokyo business zone, including human resource development, worker dispatch, and medical statistics, and have departments that employ people with disabilities. We will continue striving to be a workplace where all employees can exert their capabilities and contribute to society.

Naoki Shiota, Representative Director & President, JHMS Co., Ltd.

JapanOther Businesses
Tadayuki Kiyoyanagi, Representative Director & President, Okiura Golf Center Co., Ltd.

Okiura Golf Center was established in 1985 and began operations in 1986 with the goal of utilizing idle land. We offer one of the largest golf practice facilities in Hiroshima Prefecture, featuring a 250 yard natural grass driving range with 72 tee boxes, along with a putting green, chipping green, sand trap and even a restaurant. The facility is surrounded by trees we have planted with the environment in mind. We are open from early in the morning to late at night and offer a host of golf lessons taught by professionals, and our facilities and services have earned us a strong reputation among customers. We promote CSR management to ensure that customers of all ages, from children to seniors, can enjoy using our facilities with peace of mind, and utilize our facilities as a venue for socializing with other members of the local community.

Tadayuki Kiyoyanagi,Representative Director & President,Okiura Golf Center Co., Ltd.

JapanOther Businesses
Hisayoshi Nakajima, Representative Director & President, Nishiminato Driving School Co., Ltd.

Nishiminato Driving School supports the creation of a safe and secure automotive society by training safety-conscious, considerate drivers at our driver education facilities for the acquisition of many types of car, truck, motorcycle, large vehicle, and towing licenses. In addition to offering beginning driver education, we play an active role as a contract organization providing courses for seniors. We also conduct outreach traffic safety programs for schools, companies, and other organizations while serving as a community traffic safety education center. With the support and endorsement of our community, we will practice CSR management as a comprehensive institute for traffic safety education that also tackles energy conservation and global warming countermeasures.

Hisayoshi Nakajima, Representative Director & President, Nishiminato Driving School Co., Ltd.

United KingdomFunctional Chemicals Group
Peter Smith, Managing Director, RaySpec Ltd.

RaySpec Ltd is committed to conducting business in a fair and just manner, fully respecting its legal obligations regarding equal opportunities and non-discrimination, and providing a safe and healthy environment for its employees. Environmental impact is considered for all new product developments and the company actively promotes energy saving through both investments and daily activities. RaySpec actively promotes engagement with charitable organizations and supports fund raising initiatives.

RaySpec's products contribute to the safety and well-being of people around the world by utilizing systems which can measure and restrict the use of hazardous substances, determine material failure modes and check product quality.

Peter Smith,Managing Director,RaySpec Ltd.

NetherlandsFunctional Chemicals Group
Henk Kalsbeek, Managing Director, Dejima Tech B.V.

Dejima aims to conduct its business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, to contribute to the community in which it operates, and to respect the needs of its employees, shareholders, customers, suppliers, regulators and other stakeholders. Dejima is committed to maintaining a healthy and safe work environment that ensures tolerance, respect and dignity for all its employees. Dejima is also committed to providing equal opportunity in all aspects of employment, and will not engage in or tolerate unlawful workplace conduct, including discrimination, intimidation, or harassment. Dejima recognizes that pollution prevention, biodiversity and resource conservation are key to a sustainable environment, and will effectively integrate these concepts into its business decision-making. All employees are responsible and accountable for contributing to a safe working environment, for fostering safe working attitudes, and for operating in an environmentally responsible manner.

Henk Kalsbeek,Managing Director,Dejima Tech B.V.

GermanyFunctional Chemicals Group
Naoya Miyachi, Managing Director, Euro Nippon Kayaku GmbH

Euro Nippon Kayaku sells functional chemical products in the European market. Europe has led the world in calling for carbon neutrality by 2050 and is implementing advanced initiatives toward that end. The new European Green Deal growth strategy has been worked out, and in industry, too, a movement to establish new business models is accelerating. All of our employees will work to raise awareness of the KAYAKU spirit and to provide businesses and products that contribute to greening.

Naoya Miyachi,Managing Director,Euro Nippon Kayaku GmbH

Czech RepublicSafety Systems Group
Akinori Kanno, President, Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s.

Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s. manufactures and sells safety components for automobiles. The products we supply serve as important safety related components that help to save the lives of passengers. With safety being our utmost concern, we provide the market with high quality products. We aim to contribute to the community through implementing CSR-centered management, practicing environmental awareness, improving the quality of life of employees, and organizing charity activities.

Akinori Kanno,President,Kayaku Safety Systems Europe a.s.

United StatesFunctional Chemicals Group
Shigeyuki Kawamura, CEO & President, MOXTEK, Inc.

MOXTEK makes contributions to society through utilizing the latest nano optical technology and x-ray technology in visual devices and analysis equipment.

As part of our CSR activities, we support programs in the local community through active participation in the Homeless Assistance Program. We strive to continue operating as a well rooted local business in the community.

Shigeyuki Kawamura,CEO & President,MOXTEK, Inc.

United StatesFunctional Chemicals Group・Safety Systems Group
Tsuneharu Hiramatsu, President, NIPPON KAYAKU AMERICA, INC.

Nippon Kayaku America is responsible for the sale of chemicals that contribute to the efficient use of energy and resources and sales promotion and technical support for all automobile safety components in North America. As an enterprise that handles chemical products, the company is diligent in observing laws and regulations and in managing product quality, and the products it sells take safety and the environment into consideration. To accomplish the SDGs, it is also promoting initiatives that for proposing to its customers products and services that contribute to solving social issues.

Tsuneharu Hiramatsu,President,NIPPON KAYAKU AMERICA, INC.

United StatesFunctional Chemicals Group
J. Cole Jr., President & CEO Jeremiah, KAYAKU Advanced Materials Inc.

KAYAKU Advanced Materials is committed to its corporate responsibilities for the welfare of our employees and to creating economic value for the community, environment, and stakeholders. We are dedicated to helping our customers succeed through our innovative products and technologies. In addition, we ensure that our business success is in line with KAYAKU Advanced Materials's high ethical principles and societal expectations.

J. Cole Jr.,President & CEO Jeremiah,KAYAKU Advanced Materials Inc.

MexicoSafety Systems Group
Susumu Tokutake, Director General, Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Since its establishment in May 2007, Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico (KSM) has worked to instill the KAYAKU spirit in its employees and to implement CSR-centered management. KSM's key focus under the COVID-19 pandemic has been to ensure the safety and health of the employees who are its stakeholders. By stably providing high-quality KSM automotive safety components to countries around the world and by communicating to our many stakeholders how we protect human lives from automobile accidents, KSM aims to continue growing as a company that is recognized globally as a member of the Nippon Kayaku Group.

Susumu Tokutake,Director General,Kayaku Safety Systems de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

ChinaFunctional Chemicals Group
Hiroyuki Emori, General Manager, Wuxi Polatechno Optics Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Polatechno Optics (WPLC) undertakes marketing activities and post-processing in China for liquid crystal projector components and automobile polarized films. In China, too, community-rooted CSR activities involving environmental protection, social contribution, and other topics are growing in importance. It is vital that we forge ahead in creating environments that allow all employees to work with peace of mind, following the Charter of Conduct and Code of Conduct as signposts for achieving the KAYAKU spirit.

Hiroyuki Emori, General Manager, Wuxi Polatechno Optics Co., Ltd.

ChinaFunctional Chemicals Group
Kazuhiko Ishii, General Manager, KAYAKU CHEMICAL (WUXI) CO., LTD.

China is faced with many environmental issues and other problems associated with its rapid economic growth, which has heightened the challenging nature of the business environment here. CSR management has become more important in terms of continually growing our business in this environment. We find it extremely important for each and every one of our employees to take action based on our corporate principles and behavioral standards in order to practice CSR management for the realization of KAYAKU spirit. We will continue to contribute to society by continually supplying our customers with the products they need, at the highest quality in many aspects through actions based on individual ethical values, instead of what others are doing, while respecting the local culture, history and business practices.

Kazuhiko Ishii,General Manager,KAYAKU CHEMICAL (WUXI) CO., LTD.

ChinaFunctional Chemicals Group
Yoshiki Akatani, General Manager, Wuxi Advanced Kayaku Chemical Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Advanced Kayaku Chemical manufactures pigments for textiles, paper, and inkjet inks under a management policy of people first, environmental protection, and the manufacturing of products that satisfy customers. Environmental and safety demands are becoming increasingly strict in China. With the health of employees and safe operations as our base and with an aim of achieving the KAYAKU spirit, we will move ahead with energy saving and effluent/waste reduction in our production processes. At the same time, we will increase our products that lead to energy saving, resource saving, and environmental impact reduction for our customers, and will work to contribute as much we can to a sustainable society.

Yoshiki Akatani,General Manager,Wuxi Advanced Kayaku Chemical Co., Ltd.

ChinaFunctional Chemicals Group
Ryo Fujimori, General Manager Shanghai, KAYAKU International Trading Co., Ltd.

Shanghai KAYAKU International Trading (SKT) sells dyes, inks for industrial ink jet printers and heat-sensitive developing agents to the China and ASEAN markets. Environmental and energy conservation issues in these regions will only continue to grow in importance moving forward. In particular, environmental consideration and energy efficiency are very important issues facing customers who dye textiles. We are actively rolling out dyes that take about half the normal time to complete, which contributes to our customers' production efficiency, energy conservation and reduction in wastewater.

Ryo Fujimori,General Manager Shanghai,KAYAKU International Trading Co., Ltd.

ChinaSafety Systems Group
Fumihiro Kamiwatari, General Manager, Kayaku Safety Systems (Huzhou) Co., Ltd.

As Kayaku Safety Systems (Huzhou), we have constructed a five-point corporate vision which consists of “safety first, best quality, technical advance, employee development and focus on market”. We have been carrying out the “KAYAKU spirit” through our IATF16969 (for quality), ISO14001 (for environment) and ISO45001 (for occupational health and safety) management systems.
Furthermore, for the purpose of improving our employee’s awareness and skills about CSR management, we have established the education and training department as well as a training ground named as Dojo in 2018 to level up our employees positively.
By manufacturing and selling automobile safety parts, all of our employees are striving to contribute to the improvement of safety in automotive society in China and to bring about sustainable synergistic development of both communities and society.

Fumihiro Kamiwatari,General Manager,Kayaku Safety Systems (Huzhou) Co., Ltd.

ChinaOther Businesses
Masayuki Arakawa, General Manager, Kayaku (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Kayaku (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. implements activities to mitigate management risks of Nippon Kayaku Group companies in China. We implement regular compliance training to ensure the employees of our group companies are cognizant of correct compliance information while carrying out their daily duties. In addition, we also provide accurate information regarding financial and legal matters to promote appropriate and efficient business operations.

Masayuki Arakawa,General Manager,Kayaku (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

South KoreaFunctional Chemicals Group
Naoki Shiroiwa, Representative Director & President, Nippon Kayaku Korea Co., Ltd.

Nippon Kayaku Korea imports and sells Nippon Kayaku’s functional materials and pigment materials in Korea, and exports pigment material and safety-related raw materials from suppliers in Korea to Japan and overseas group companies. Laws in Korea that govern the import and sales of chemical materials into the country, namely the Act on the Registration, Evaluation, etc. of Chemicals (K-Reach) and the Chemicals Control Act, are being made more strict year by year, while the country's labor laws, corresponding to Japan's Labor Standards Act, are undergoing revision in the direction of further protection of workers. To sustainably develop our business under these circumstances, we will work to make all employees constantly aware of CSR management and to contribute to all of our stakeholders in every respect.

Naoki Shiroiwa, Representative Director & President, Nippon Kayaku Korea Co., Ltd.

TaiwanPharmaceuticals Group・Functional Chemicals Group
Daisuke Komagata, General Manager, Taiwan Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.

Taiwan Nippon Kayaku markets products from, and carries out market research for the Pharmaceuticals Group and Functional Chemicals Group. Currently, Taiwan Nippon Kayaku is carrying out daily activities to realize the KAYAKU spirit. Our commitments include: (1) correctly understanding customer needs, and striving to improve the quality of our daily work and convey those practices to related departments; (2) contributing to cultural and economic exchange by actively participating in and supporting activities and events of the Interchange
Association of Japan and the Taiwan Chamber of Commerce; and (3) displaying corporate vision boards in central locations of our office to constantly raise awareness of the KAYAKU spirit, and carrying a card at all times that contains our corporate vision. Moving forward, we will continue to proactively carry out CSR activities for the benefit of the local community.

Daisuke Komagata,General Manager,Taiwan Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd.

MalaysiaSafety Systems Group
Yasushi Yoshida, Managing Director, Kayaku Safety Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Kayaku Safety Systems Malaysia was founded in Malaysia at the end of 2012 to manufacture and market automotive safety components. Our product line-up encompasses a broad range that includes inflators, MGGs, and glass-to-metal-sealed squibs. We are working to imbue the company with the KAYAKU spirit, the Nippon Kayaku Group's corporate vision, and to put CSR management into practice. Putting safety first, we will continue providing our customers with quality products that will meet their satisfaction aims to be useful to society by contributing to the reduction of car accident fatalities in its region through its safety components.

Yasushi Yoshida, Managing Director,Kayaku Safety Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

ThailandFunctional Chemicals Group
Tetsuya Tomita, Managing Director, NIPPON KAYAKU(THAILAND)CO., LTD.

NIPPON KAYAKU (THAILAND) CO., LTD. is a new company, recently established in 2018. Its primary business focuses on the sale of products from the Functional Chemicals Business in ASEAN and the South Asian region, procurement of raw materials and intermediates, as well as surveys of related markets.

Together with all of our employees, we will embrace the KAYAKU spirit and make great contributions to ASEAN and local communities in Southern Asia through the observance of compliance, and provision of safer materials and materials that lead to energy saving.

Tetsuya Tomita,Managing Director,NIPPON KAYAKU(THAILAND)CO., LTD.
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