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We will introduce you to the stories surrounding research and development that we are involved in.

Development of specific wavelength reflective film

Nippon Kayaku is working to develop and provide distinctive products resins, colorant, catalysts, and processing as our core technologies. We have commercialized a specific wavelength reflective film that allows us to arbitrarily reflect a specific wavelength and expresses a bright metallic luster similar to that of a metal vapor deposited film, although it is an organic material. Even if it is covered by film, This film keeps its luster, prevent scratch and delaminations. At present, it is expected to be applied to various applications, mainly for eyewear.

Researching the Needs of Tomorrow: R&D for Organic Semiconductor Materials

Electronics have drastically improved living standards since the 20th century. Today, electronics occupy an indispensable presence in many of the products we use every day, including computers, smartphones and medical equipment. One of the core components of these electronics are inorganic semiconductors.

Nippon Kayaku is researching and developing organic semiconductors as an alternative to inorganic semiconductors. Organic semiconductors can be used in a host of different products (products that bring our live new and greater convenience) because they make it possible to make electronics softer. In addition, organic semiconductors can be printed, making the semiconductor manufacturing process more environmentally friendly and use less energy. Organic semiconductor materials are garnering much attention from academia and industry alike as a material that represents the key to the future of electronics.

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PARASAFE® - An Emergency Parachute System for Drones

Commercial drones are used in various areas, including logistics, surveying, inspections and rescue operations. Nippon Kayaku has created a parachute system for drones, PARASAFE, through the application of technologies used in the manufacturing of pyrotechnical devices, such as inflators for automotive airbags and gas generators for seatbelt pretensioners. In the even a drone inadvertently plummets while in flight, PARASAFE detects the plummet, activates a pyrotechnical device remotely in order to deploy an emergency parachute, which enables a soft landing. PARASAFE protects the drone, its payload and people on the ground, allowing use of drones in a wide range of areas and situations. In line with the needs of the drone industry, we continue to develop the system for use with various drones with the aim to launch PARASAFE in Japan in FY 2021.

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