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Research and Development System

Each division of R&D will work together as one with the business groups and divisions to strengthen the vertical threads of our system of product development so that it captures market needs accurately. As the group in charge of strengthening company-wide R&D that crosses organizational boundaries, the Research and Development Group is responsible for integration of intellectual property and management of corporate research, and is working to strengthen the horizontal threads that will contribute to R&D overall.

We will work to create the best products through the fusion of knowledge and technologies based on this strong organization, woven together by these vertical and horizontal threads.

Outline of Laboratories

Functional Chemicals R&D Laboratories

The Functional Chemicals R&D Laboratories uses resins, colorants and catalysts as core technologies to develop original materials and products that combine multiple materials.
 We develop epoxy resins with a high heat resistance, maleimide resins and other distinctive materials that contribute to the realization of Society 5.0—which calls for a 5G information communications society and other such technological advancements.
 Moreover, we look to further our extensive base of knowledge of colorant synthesis technologies in the development of colorants for inkjet printers and other feature-led functional colorant materials as a step towards realizing the objectives set by SDGs.
 In addition, we are furthering development of high-performance catalysts for manufacturing basic chemicals such as acrylic and methacrylic acids, and we are successively putting them on the market.

Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories

At the Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories, we are vigorously moving forward with the research and development of polymeric micelle anti-cancer drugs through the use of nanotechnology. In response to extremely high prices for biomedicines, Pharmaceuticals Research Laboratories has become involved in the development and introduction of biosimilars as the low-cost formulations that society needs. In line with this, we are attempting to obtain the technology to manufacture biomedicines that are of a high quality and highly productive. Furthermore, we are actively working on the development of generic anti-cancer drugs that cater to medical needs.

Research & Development Division(Safety Systems Business)

At the Research & Development Division, we are furthering development of devices that make use of our explosive technologies. These devices include disk type inflators for driver and passenger seat airbags, cylinder type inflators for side, curtain, seat cushion and knee airbags, micro gas generators for seatbelt pretensioners, as well as micro gas generators for a mechanism that raises the hood so as to protect pedestrians. We are also creating a research and development system to provide low-cost, high-quality safety components in a timely manner to customers spread across the globe by combining the technology of safety components from production bases located around the world.

Agrochemicals Laboratories

FINESAVE®, a new insecticide for vegetables and fruit trees that Agrochemicals Laboratories had been working to bring to the market, was launched in June 2018.
 As we strive to make the use of FINESAVE® more widespread, we shall continuously seek out new agrochemicals, develop safe and easy-to-use agrochemicals and unique formulations, and expand applications of current products.

Company-wide Coordination and Promotion of R&D

For coordination across organizational boundaries in research and development, we are clarifying the horizontal lines that the Research and Development Group are responsible for as “horizontal threads.” The Research and Development Group oversees the integration of internal and external intellectual property, intellectual property strategy, and integration of R&D laboratories. The Research and Development Management Committee is involved in research and development overall as a company-wide management issue. In research and development aimed at the creation of new products and new businesses, we are actively promoting corporate research—such as the strategic allocation of company-wide business resources, and the integration of internal and external technology, products and intellectual property—toward subjects we expect to be major growth areas in the future.

Corporate Research

Theme Details
Using the technology of functional colorants, we are promoting the development of organic electronic materials that hold promise for flexible device transistors and sensor materials.
We are developing our own light-controlled film that makes use of film fabrication and coating technology to reflect and absorb light of a specific wavelength, and we are working hard on the development of special high-functioning films for applications in the fields of automotive head-up displays.
Safety Device for Drones We conduct research and development into a parachute-type emergency safety device for drones (unmanned aerial vehicles) applying pyrotechnics we have cultivated through the development of automobile safety components. Development is progressing with a view to rolling out the product in 2021.

Cross organizational coordination

Meeting of research laboratory heads

A meeting of research laboratory heads is held twice a year, serving as a place to draw on the organizational capabilities of each research laboratory and bring underlying technologies together. These meetings are used to investigate opportunities to implement the successful measures applied in each research laboratory at other research laboratories, and in the development of researchers, while also reviewing the elemental technologies and core technologies used Company-wide, and discussing the appropriate placement of personnel.

Company-wide research presentation meeting

Once a year researchers and engineers from each research laboratory gather to give oral presentations and poster based presentations on the elemental technologies and core technolo¬gies held by each research laboratory. The exchanges between researchers working in different fields is used as an opportunity to gain hints toward the creation of new applications for devel¬oped items, and invaluable insight provided from an objective point of view.

Exchange meeting for analytical evaluation technologies

An exchange meeting for analytical evaluation technologies is held once a year as a place for analytical evaluation researchers and engineers who perform analysis and evaluation in different business areas of R&D Group, each research laboratories, and plants to gather for discussion and to exchange opinions, while sharing success stories and issues faced.

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