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Intellectual Property Strategy and Policy

In order to promote the “creation and provision of intellectual added-value”—a key theme of KAYAKU Next Stage— the Intellectual Property Division has outlined “the effective utilization of the intellectual property strategy in business strategy, having it serve as the driving force for business development through the creation of new intellectual property” as its mission over the course of the plan, focusing on the following four areas of activity.

  1. Filling high-quality patents
  2. Applying the intellectual property strategy to business activities
  3. e-Intellectual Property Division
  4. Global management/support structure

Voice! : Target! Proposal-driven Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Division uses four performance indicators: 1) quality improvement of rights with the attention of other companies or the importance for our company as indicators, 2) actively roll out and link IP strategies as indicators of business strategies, 3) active consideration and implementation of SDI* strategies incorporating AI, and 4) fulfillment of core function in IP management including information strategies for domestic and overseas Group companies.
 Of these, the SDI strategy utilizing AI has yielded some results, which is making it possible to sort notable patents of other companies. In addition, we are especially focused on the link between intellectual property strategy and business strategy, and by analyzing the big data of patents, which relates to the utilization of big data being attempted in recent years, we are hoping to come up with research and business fields to be proposed to management for our company to pursue. To that end, it is necessary to take an inventory of the technologies where we excel as well as to analyze industry trends, including market research and technology surveys. I hope to come up with proposals for new business fields that will support the future of the Nippon Kayaku Group, while promoting analytical abilities through database research and human resources training.

* SDI (Selective Dissemination of Information): refers to periodic checks on patent information that matches preset criteria, and the collection and management of necessary data.

Akira Kunugise
General Manager
Intellectual Property Division

IP Topics : Proactive IP Strategy Capitalizing on the IP Landscape

We are actively making use of the IP landscape, which comprehensively analyzes intellectual property and market information in order to switch from a defensive approach that retains many intellectual properties to prepare for conflicts to a proactive approach utilizing quality intellectual properties in business operations.
 In this changing business environment, we are predicting industry trends through analysis of the market and competitor information, and comparing companies for potential M&A based on the intellectual properties they hold with their competitors in terms of technical evaluation and examining their synergistic effect to assist in business and management decision making. In research and development, we conduct macro and micro analysis around our products in order to find new applications for existing technologies and propose new business themes. Going forward, the Intellectual Property Division will work in unison with business, management, and research and development departments in utilizing the IP landscape to look for new applications, and aid in decisions on M&A, business partner selection and other decision making.

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