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Nippon Kayaku’s anti-cancer drug initiatives began with the launch of BLEO® and today we offer numerous pharmaceuticals. In recent years, we have expanded our initiatives to include biosimilar and generic anti-cancer drugs as well as interventional radiology (IVR). We also are focusing on developing new drugs based on the use of new technology.

We contribute to society through improved patient outcomes achieved as a result of innovation using our technological expertise, the stable supply of high-quality pharmaceuticals, and the provision of information. We undertake this commitment by posting dedicated cancer MRs in locations around the country. We also have established a drug information center (toll-free number available on our website), through which we respond to inquiries from medical professionals and provide answers to questions from patients and families of patients who have been prescribed Nippon Kayaku drugs by a medical institution or NHI network pharmacy.

Introduction of Main Products

Anti-cancer drugs

Nippon Kayaku's involvement with anti-cancer drugs dates back to 1969, when it released bleomycin. After that, the company has continued its research and development of therapeutic agents for the improvement of cancer treatment. As of December 2019, Nippon Kayaku has launched 43 anti-cancer drugs, including generics.

History of anti-cancer and cancer-related drugs at Nippon Kayaku

The company's strength lies in its extensive line of anti-cancer drugs and expertise.

(as of December, 2019)

Cancer-related drugs

In addition to anti-cancer drugs, Nippon Kayaku also researches, develops, and sells other drugs used in cancer treatment. These typically include a pain relief drug to relieve the pain caused by metastatic bone cancer.


Nippon Kayaku aims to make further contributions to patients, their families, and healthcare professionals through the rapid commercialization of biosimilar pharmaceuticals, which are playing a major role in the treatment of cancer and Autoimmune disease. By providing a wide range of biosimilars, the company hopes to help realize a society where everyone has access to high quality medical care, at any place and time.

History of Biosimilars at Nippon Kayaku

(as of November, 2019)

Generic drugs

Nippon Kayaku is also engaged in the development of generic drugs. Since there are a large number of drugs involved in cancer treatment, including anti-cancer and anti-emetic drugs, in these generic drugs, the company has worked to further expand its lineup of cancer medications.

Interventional Radiology (IVR)

In 2010, IVR become Nippon Kayaku's third main pharmaceutical product area. The company's aim is to further enhance its lineup of embolic materials tailored to target organs, or the condition of the patient and disease. Nippon Kayaku will continue to contribute to society by providing IVR treatments that place minimal physical burden on cancer and other patients.

Other pharmaceuticals

In addition to cancer-related drugs, Nippon Kayaku is engaged in the development and manufacturing of other pharmaceuticals, such as cardiovascular treatments.

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