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The Yamakawa Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. founded in 1931, served as the predeccesor for our Pharmaceuticals Business. Its aspirin that was put on the market the following year became Yamakawa's main product during its creation stage, and "Yamakawa Asprin" became synonymous to the company name.
The launching of the anti-cancer drug BLEOMYCIN in 1969 served as a turning point and Nippon Kayaku gradually started to develop its business with a focus on anti-cancer drugs and cancer-related agents. In recent years, we have been furthering our efforts into the areas of biosimilar products, generic anti-cancer drugs, as well as interventional radiology (IVR) so that we can continue to provide highly necessary pharmaceuticals and medical equipment for patients along with exceptionally reliable information to the medical institutions.
Moving forward, "Speciality, Biosimilar & Generic" will continue to be a key domain. We aim to contribute to society through improved medical care by promoting innovations in our proprietary technologies and by providing a stable supply of and information about high-quality pharmaceutical products.

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