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In our Functional Materials Business, we are involved with materials that have a broad range of functions, including epoxy resins that serve as an insulating material for semiconductor encapsulation, UV-curable resins, and polyimide/polyamide resins that are noted for their high durability.
In addition, we are also developing high value added products for use in a wide range of fields, such as resin composites, including Sealants for LCD, Sealants for LED, Touch Panel Adhesives and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), that combine our proprietary resin materials with our structuring technologies.

Main Products

Environmentally Friendly Epoxy Resins


NC-3000 series that Nippon Kayaku developed as an environmentally friendly epoxy resin does not only remain as a semiconductor encapsulation, but its unique properties in print circuit boards, in composites, and in other areas have been recognized. As a result, it is becoming the de facto standard as a high-end product in the market.


A green board with a black object with legs sitting on top of it. Have you ever come across such a thing?
For the black portion, epoxy resins are used which are the insulating material for semiconductor encapsulation.
Nippon Kayaku's epoxy resins are used in familiar places such as automobiles, TVs, PCs, and mobile phones.

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