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Nippon Kayaku is pursuing the possibilities of dyes. As Japan’s largest dye manufacturer, we are always at the forefront of the industry. To meet the needs of customers, which change with time, we develop characteristic and unique dyes, including those that are vivid in color, those that do not fade (colorfast) and those that are easy to handle. We deliver a wide range of products to market, including textiles, paper, resin coloring, and inkjet printers.

The company is committed to the creation of materials with features that can contribute to society in a variety of areas. This is done by utilizing Nippon Kayaku's printing and optical evaluation technologies, including resisting, dispersion, and synthesis technologies developed over many years in its colorant business. These consist of various functional coloring materials such as infrared absorbing agents, color resists for image sensors, pigment derivatives (synergists), Materials for thermal paper such as overcoat agents, and developer.

Information on Main Product

Inkjet colorants

Color inkjet printers are used in homes and offices, and the high resolution of the images they can produce today is comparable to that of silver halide photography. Nippon Kayaku is engaged in the development of colorants that are more vivid and colorfast than ever before, and is providing coloring materials that facilitate technical innovation for inkjet printers. The company also offers various coloring materials for commercial inkjet printers, as well as for textile inkjet printing, and is helping to expand commercial and industrial applications for inkjet printing.

Dyes for Textiles

There are a broad range of textile materials in the world, including polyester fibers,cellulose fibers such as cotton and rayon, polyamide fibers such as silk and nylon, and acryl fibers. Using dyes that are best suited to each textile material and dyeing method will produce a high quality finish. Nippon Kayaku has the right type of dye for each textile material, including disperse dyes for polyester, reactive dyes, cationic dyes, direct dyes, acid dyes, and sulfur dyes. Our dyes are used in a wide array of products we see and use every day, including apparel, home interiors, and car seats.

Dyes for Papers

We offer various colored dyes (direct dyes and cationic dyes) suitable for dyeing materials such as plain paper and liners. We provide a broad range of dyes that are used in a number of familiar products, including daily items such as tissue paper,colored plain paper, copy paper, newspaper, and cardboard.

Materials for thermal paper

With the thermal paper method, color is developed through a reaction with a developer, by applying heat to colorless leuco dyes on a medium. Since the materials for thermal paper is contained in the recording medium, no ink is required, the printing device can be smaller, and maintenance is easier. Consequently, the thermal paper method is widely used for fax machines, food labels, receipts, and tickets. Nippon Kayaku offers developer for high-quality thermal paper as well as overcoat agents and other materials.

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