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The agrochemicals business involves providing support for the development of agriculture and the production of high-quality foods.

Agrochemicals division has been developing, manufacturing, and selling agricultural insecticides, herbicides, soil fumigants, and insanitary insecticides.

Our products and new technologies contribute to greater laborsaving and safety as well as the development of the new agrochemicals.
In the future, the business will be developed to achieve an efficient and stable food supply.

Main Products

MATRIC®, Virtu®, Kanpai®, Phares®

  • Insecticide
    Insect growth regulators, ecdysone agonist
  • Active Ingredient
  • Formulation Type
    5% suspension concentrate
    5% emulsifiable concentrate
    80% wettable powder
  • Feature
    • Excellent efficacies against lepidopterous pests
    • Stop pest's feeding rapidly and reduces feeding damage
    • Unique mode of action, causes premature lethal molt
    • Low toxicities to mammalian, non-target organisms and arthoropods
    • Suitable product for the integrated pest management(IPM)


  • Insecticide
    Nereistoxin analogue
  • Active Ingredient
    Thiocyclam hydorogen oxalate
  • Formulation Type
    50% soluble powder
    4% granule
  • Feature
    • Excellent control of thrips, whiteflies,leafminers
    • Unique mode of action, paralyze and loose the response of pests and leading to death.
    • act quickly against pests
    • Quick penetration into the plants
    • Rapid degradation in the environment


  • Insecticide for public health
    Organophosphorus insecticides
  • Active Ingredient
  • Formulation Type
    20% aqueous capsule suspention
  • Feature
    • Excellent efficacies against Cockroaches
    • Long lasting residual activity
    • Environmentally friendly formulation
    • Low toxicity to Mammalian
    • Low Odor due to Microcapsulation and water base formulation

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