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Corporate Social Responsibility

The Nippon Kayaku Group stands firmly committed to fulfilling its responsibilities to society and maximizing corporate value by providing excellent products to its customers that were developed with all of society in mind.

Message from the President

Read an important message from President Akira Mandai.

Fundamental CSR Activities

Learn about the role the KAYAKU spirit plays in our CSR management.

Special Feature

"Meeting of the Movement for Tomorrow" Presentation

Corporate Governance

Learn about our management transparency and self-directed governance system.


Find out about our measures to strengthen compliance globally as part of our efforts to gain greater trust from society.

CSR Activities Fulfilling Economic Responsibilities

Read about our departments involved in CSR and our R&D initiatives.

Fulfilling Our Responsibility to Society

Learn about our initiatives with our customers, for society and for our employees.

Fulfilling Our Responsibility to the Environment

Find out about our organized activities under the Nippon Kayaku Group Declaration on Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality.

Third-Party Opinion

Read a third-party review on our CSR report.