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Nippon Kayaku Co., Ltd. integrates basic technologies such as gunpowder, dyestuff, medicine, and resin technologies to create new products in the business fields of functional chemicals, pharmaceuticals, safety systems, dyestuffs, catalysts, and agrochemicals. The advanced technologies created by this integration enable us to contribute positively to social prosperity.

Targeting the global niche market, Nippon Kayaku effectively utilizes its excellent skills and management resources to create value-added products to satisfy worldwide demands.

Message from the President

You can access a message from the President Akira Mandai.

Corporate Profile

You can access the corporate profile of Nippon Kayaku, such as the capital, business area and office maps.

Corporate Introduction Video

You can access the corporate introduction video of Nippon Kayaku.


You can access the history of Nippon Kayaku.

Corporate Vision

You can access our KAYAKU spirit and ACTION Policy.

Charter of Business Conduct and Code of Business Conduct

You can access the charter of business conduct and code of business conduct of Nippon Kayaku.

Corporate Brand

You can access the coporate slogan and corporate symbol of Nippon Kayaku.


You can access the organization with regard to promoting the corporate activities of Nippon Kayaku.

List of Business Establishments

You can access the location list of the head office, plants, and laboratories of Nippon Kayaku.

Associated Companies

You can access the list of Nippon Kayaku's group companies.